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  1. Worse yet, maybe some fields wouldn't be common across all notes. For example, maybe I want to break down my progress by section INTRO (0-100%), CHORUS (0-100%), VERSE (0-100%), etc. Not all songs have that same format, so I'd need 'searchable flexibility'.
  2. If I want to track my drumming progress over many different songs. I figure I would make each song a different note, but I need identical fields with different values across each note. For example... "length of song (min:sec)", "personal rating (1-5)", "accuracy percent (0-100%)", and "beats per minute (1 - 200 bpm)". How do I filter through all my notes for songs that match certain search criteria? Show me all the songs where BPM is < 150; Ratings >= 4/5; and haven't been updated in the last month? If later I want to add another field, how can I do that for all the notes without having to manually adding it in a tedious and error-prone way?
  3. Confirmed @JReichwald. The update resolved this for me as well. Thanks for the heads-up.
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