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  1. Let’s hope they fix it as Ive had the same problem.
  2. Im struggling to see where the reminder function is located.
  3. So in October 2016 Windows users have this feature but in 2018 Mac users don’t ? Is that really right ? Ive checked through the menus and I cannot see the ability to change the appearance of the merged note headers. A rule sparator would be fanststic or no separator. Come on Evernote I don’t want to have to badger you on Twitter.
  4. This is excellent and shows Evernote is moving forward. I would like to merge notes on IOS so I am hoping this might happen one day.
  5. Thats cool I will use when in my company office, are you rolling this out for Mac, as this is what I use most of the time. Merging on iOS would be super useful too.
  6. 100% need this feature. I use iPad Pro exclusively almost for work and my team are always adding new notes for the same project. It would be awesome please to be able to select and merge, without the annoying large grey dividing banners.
  7. Yes 100% annoying please remove or just a single line would be nice.
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