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  1. Here is a possible work around. 1. Select your original notes (Their creation dates will be the oldest - hopefully) 2. Export them 3. Delete everything 4. Import the notes 5. Clean up by making your latest updates again (if those you exported aren't the latest, and if you can remember the changes you made recently) You've got quite a mess. The most I ever had was 6 duplicates.
  2. Yes, each picture is in it’s own note with the filename (not extension) as the title. I was very pleased. Before this when imported them they all went into one 53 MB note which was not useful. They are scans of 3x5 cards created as late as 1976, so many of them are dated and of little value. But it is nice to have them accessible again. I’ve been going through putting meaningful titles on and sometimes adding annotation after the image. I wanted to rename the titles because the names were on the order of Scan001, Scan002, ... Anyway, I am tickled. Now if I could just do the same for 3000 AskSam notes and 3000 PersonalBrain notes. AskSam should not be too hard because all records were exported to one PDF file with the tilde (~) symbol separating records. All I need is some script to separate them into 3000 files using tilde as the delimiter and I’ll be in business.
  3. Whee! Dragging to the icon on an iMac worked! 529 images all at once imported in a number of seconds. I've been wanting to do this for 2 years. Before they would all go into one note. THANKS!
  4. Offline Notebooks: Interesting - it doesn't matter whether the notebooks are offline or not. I had a premium account (and had all my personal notebooks set for offline) until a month ago, and it behaved the same back then with a premium as it does now with the basic account.
  5. Thanks for the status on software updates and your reproducing the failure mode. I’ll consider this closed since Evernote is aware and working on it.
  6. Thanks for the question. I watch for it the next time it locks up. (Just now I tried several times to get it to lock up and it would not fail.)
  7. Search: “This is a string” also left evernote locked up after leaving and coming back. Fortunately, I’ve never had data loss because of this. System: iPad Pro running the latest iOS version & latest evernote.
  8. After a search: intitle:SometingHere When I leave evernote to use some other application then come back to Evernote, it becomes totally unresponsive (especially after trying to change the search term). Removing Evernote from memory and restarting it always works. This problem has persisted for several versions. I just recently realized that it happens after an intitle:xxx search.
  9. Feature request: Import multiple jpg files into multiple notes. I have 550 scans of 3x5 cards that I would like to import into 550 new notes. The files are small enough that importing them all at once will not exceed any size limits. (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247)
  10. Sounds like I need to get back into this when the windows computer comes back up & that will be tomorrow at best. Then I can get on my wife's computer & try to do an export directly to text instead of to PDF. I looked at the PDF & it doesn't have any delimiters between each note. (No tilde in there. So I misspoke.) She got a phishing message that there was a rootkit on her computer & to call "Microsoft Technical". So, I killed the power (I tried to do a hard shutdown, but MS fooled me and did a normal shutdown), pulled the drives out of her computer and am backing up her files. She has a lot of data on 2 disks, so it won't be back up today. If there really is a rootkit on it, then it will be next week before it's back up. But I do still have AskSam still installed on her machine. I stopped using AskSam when I went to a Mac, and after trying out a few other products ended up with Evernote. Being multi-platform, which is now an essential requirement. Last I looked, AskSam (Florida) was out of business, so there's probably very little support for it anymore. Anyway, After her computer comes back up I'll see about getting a text export and move over to the Mac section. Thanks for your suggestions. This has been on the back burner for years & it will be nice to get it done.
  11. I would be willing to try that. Like DTLow said, sometimes things crash with large files. I've got it in a 10 MB PDF (2164 pages). Hmm, probably can't import that. I don't have a text file exported, and my wife's windows computer (the only windows computer in the house) is currently torn apart. So, I can't try it now.
  12. They aren't particularly long notes, it's just that they are all in one file. I don't know how to program in AppleScript. Would that be hard to do?
  13. AskSam is a configurable textual database. I don't have the format specification, and don't even know if it is available. What I do have is an export of my notes with a tilde (~) delimiting the notes. Thus, for import, I could use my text file with the first line after the tilde as the title, and the rest of the lines up to the next tilde as the body of a note. Is there a way to do that with Evernote?
  14. Yes, I've got 3000 or more notes in AskSam that I haven't touched in years. I would love to have a means to import them into Evernote.
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