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  1. Thanks for the considered response. Perhaps I was grumpy the day I posted, but if the explanation re competition laws globally etc was given up front then I think it would have avoided the hurrumphing. I'd still love to see global usage stats though...and, these days, if a company wants my IP they need to offer something in return, especially when I'm a paying user... Agreed everyone should use as they wish. But, it feels like I am often working hard to make Evernote do what I want, rather than it being easy for me. The Dashboards I've seen are impressive but they seem to be a lot of
  2. Thanks for the considered response. I'd only add that I meant it feels sometimes we are working hard for Evernote the 'system' to do what we want, rather than it being easy to achieve what we want. I agree Evernote is a blank slate that lets everyone work as they want, but for me the purpose of a dashboard is to aggregate the work done into a useful summary - rather than something that needs constant maintenance.
  3. Having read through this topic I am more and more curious as to why a dashboard competition was announced in the first place. I was also surprised at the range of experience people have - from not knowing what a dashboard was, to having some of the most intricate work I've seen in Evernote to achieve their aims. But, this feels like we are working for the system, instead of the system working for us. My view is Evernote still has basic functionality that it is poorly implemented, or missing and these need to be rectified immediately. The behind the scenes work shows this is happening and
  4. Very disappointing to see this is for US users only. On this basis I'll decline to participate. I'd be interested to see the breakdown of user by region/country.
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