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  1. I'm not a OS Programmer, I'm afraid - embedded and scientific applications is where I direct my programming. However, I don't understand what about Windows (and macOS/iOS) oblige Evernote itself to be open. I've had a very quick browse of the EN API (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/data_structure.php) and, on the face of it, it seems doable. Why can't a macOS menubar item and Windows equivalent, for example, login in to a user account and interface with the Evernote database to, say, insert a (automatically time-dated, located) note into a specific Journal Notebook. Ideally, I'd like Evernote to insert each new entry into a single (auto-created) daily Note. Alternatively, as with Day One, have a display that groups and sorts the Notes for each day (perhaps using the same method that EN uses to display Stacks, eg set the stack field to the Notes "journal" day?).
  2. Yes, indeed. but I'm trying to be both lazy and efficient - a combination I rarely achieve. I don't want to switch to Evernote when I'm in the middle of doing something else just to make a journal entry. As I've indicated elsewhere, what I'd like to see is each entry go straight into a daily note (possibly selectable to split "work" from "personal").
  3. Yes, but not quite. AFAIA, the Evernote Helper adds a new note for each entry. What I'd really like to see is each journal or diary note added to a single daily note.
  4. OK. In that case, I'd like to upgrade the question to a feature request.
  5. Sure, the menubar allows the user to quickly make a basic entry into the Day One app without breaking workflow on the main screen(s). Clicking on the menubar brings up a small Day One note window that allows the user to input text, (simple) format the text, set a tag, select a specific Journal and save the entry to the Day One database. Opening the main application (on any connected Apple device) will show the note under the day's entries together with its date-time stamp and geolocation. As indicated above, I'd like to replace Day One with Evernote, with Evernote adding new entries to a daily log note rather than creating a new note (even though that's what Day One is doing under its hood). It could probably be automated in Evernote, but I'd rather not have anything that requires intervention or management on my part. The Day One app's features are described at https://dayoneapp.com/features/.
  6. I currently journal with Day One via its MacOS Menubar app. Would it be possible to add a similar Menubar feature to Evernote (plus the Windows equivalent)?
  7. I currently use Import Microsoft To-Do for my tasks. I was wondering if it is possible to import(/export) MS To-Do into Evernote Tasks or link the two?
  8. Can Evernote convert a (selected) list directly to a table? I had a list of items in a note and wanted to expand it by converting the list to a table, in which the table would be the first column. If the capability doesn't exist, could I please request it? Adding columns would either be manual or, say, by dragging the table constructor across the required number of columns (with Evernote being smart enough to either realize that the list represented the desired number of rows or that any rows selected in the table constructor would be additional to those in the list). I would imagine that it could be useful to do the same thing to a selection of paragraphs.
  9. Have there been any moves to add this facility to Evernote? It's something I'd have liked on a number of occasions. At the moment, for example, I'm creating a review that must be <= 1000 characters. It would be very useful to have on the fly character & word statistics displayed for a note and/or selection. Even selecting another service to carry out this function is really more effort than it should take to get this information in a modern (ie, (late 20th to early 21st) Century) application. I prefer to work within a single application for the most part, or have seamless integration between multiple apps ... after all, part of the computer's raison d'être is to take the repetitive drudge out of activities! 🙂
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