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  1. Actually you can create table in iOS Evernote by turning on the “Table” feature. Go into Evernote settings in the app: Settings —> Notes —> Advanced Editing and turn on the Table setting. You can then create a table in a note by typing open/close brackets followed by ‘x’ and the number of rows you want your table to have followed by the return button. Example: [][][]x5 Will insert a table with 3 columns and 5 rows.
  2. Ok folks... I just update to the latest version of Evernote and it seems to be working now. The only thing I can think of is that I have been running the Mac Sierra beta since it was first released months ago and it was something related to that since it seems to be just me. Maybe something wasn't playing right between the beta and the older version? I just figured that was how it was designed and thus the feature request Regardless...thank you all for taking the time to check it out for me. I am just happy it is working for me now because I rely on shortcuts so heavily!! Ed PS: Should I delete this feature request?
  3. As a user, I often use the Evernote Helper drop down to jot down stuff I do not want to forget for a few days but I do not want to create as a note. I do this because access to the Helper is fast and easy and the content is important temporarily (as in using a scratchpad) but doesn't necessarily need to be a note and clutter my Evernote folders with this temporary content. This works great when I am working on things at my desk using my desktop. Later on, however, I am on my mobile device (or other platform) and need to reference that list of stuff (e.g. a phone number I typed) but since it is only held on the Helper on my desktop, it isn't available. My feature request is to make the Evernote Helper content available and editable on all devices and platforms.
  4. As a user, I use the shortcuts feature to track my active projects. Workflow is typically me creating a new note for whatever the project is and then dragging the note to the shortcut area. However, if I go and move the note to another notebook and apply tags, the shortcut is removed. I then have to go find the note and drag it back to the shortcut area. This behavior has actually caused me to forget to follow-up on some project tasks because, after doing some note clean-up, my shortcuts were removed from the list and I didn't notice. Since I rely on my shortcut list to remind me of my active projects, the missing project notes were overlooked. My feature request is for shortcuts to refer to the note itself and for it's shortcut link to be unaffected by moving the note to another notebook or change of tags. The shortcut would persist even if the note location is changed. Thank you!
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