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  1. Thanks gazumped. Since my changes weren't on either my Windows PC or iPhone, I restarted my laptop hoping to find the changes where I'd made them, and they weren't there either! I was so glad that I'd copied and pasted them to Word and saved it, based on my reading of other users' complaints about this matter. I'd love to have the time to open a support ticket, but I'd hope that Evernote employees might be monitoring this forum too.
  2. Thanks for the response. That wasn't my experience yesterday when using laptop Windows EN on the train with good WiFi. I tried syncing several times before shutting down, but today when I opened my laptop, my most recent changes were missing.
  3. I'm having the same problem when working on my laptop. I would have lost all the data from a critically important job if I hadn't had the foresight to save it as a separate Word file first, independently of EN. Who would 'want to troubleshoot the problem'? As a user, we don't want the problem in the first place! EN should at least save the data on the hard drive for a while.
  4. The business card scanning function still fails to recognize Japanese names at all. Managing business cards is one of my main reasons for paying for Evernote, and yet the function doesn't work properly with Japanese. Also because the business card editing function on the PC version is broken, it's impossible to edit the cards efficiently or even at all.
  5. Thanks for making this. My contacts include Japanese, and unfortunately the Japanese parts are garbled. Would it be possible to fix it so that Japanese is recognized properly?
  6. Interesting as these suggestions are, they aren't at all adequate as a solution to an issue that arises constantly, especially with Japanese business cards. A method of saving mis-recognized 'documents' as business cards is required immediately. I paid for Evernote specifically for this function, and it irritates me intensely that this issue even exists.
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