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  1. Give me a button or shortcut instead of typing "---" in Evernote web(beta).
  2. Oh, genius... Thank you for giving me the example. ======== ======== It's beautiful & informative. It's made with the categorized structure.
  3. Oh, that's right. I'm happy if I have shortcut + bookmark Some notes are already structured. And those are big note, so I need much energy to manage. So I can't apply the way to many note. ======== ======== Thanks for the advices!! Peace.
  4. [Reason] I've been managing 116 shortcuts now. ======== ======== [Conclusion] So I need more easy feature to organize, like bookmark manager. I want the More Powerful feature to organize ideas!! than “shortcut”, “notebooks”, “tags”. ======== ======== to Organize feeling lead you happy. Improve mindset, Hack yourself.
  5. Surely, I can view shortcuts vertically... But it doesn't work well for me. ?
  6. I want to see shortcuts-list vertically like iOS app. And I want to make folders in shortcuts-list.
  7. Nice ideas! Thanks. FONT SIZE, “Connect Evernote font size to iOS font size” sounds good. But I want to talk about NOTELIST SIZE too.
  8. [Note List Option] iOS app Proposal "Change crrent small to default medium" sounds good for me. How about you? 2 Reason Display-Size is almost same between Medium & Large in my environment. Some people like smaller Notes Display than current small, I guess. example ScreenShot * Large https://gyazo.com/4c45263299fc97fde03954a34a815372 * Medium https://gyazo.com/de90c7c80d1a1ce08901092bf419acff * Small https://gyazo.com/95c9ec4cd9da5d8bef2d5ebf45e1cbf2
  9. Mac版であれば、mthaichiさんの設定で解決するようです。 Windows版であれば、[ツール] - [オプション] - [ノート] から [リストと水平線を自動検出] のチェックを外すと解決できます。
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