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  1. Give me a button or shortcut instead of typing "---" in Evernote web(beta).
  2. Oh, genius... Thank you for giving me the example. ======== ======== It's beautiful & informative. It's made with the categorized structure.
  3. Oh, that's right. I'm happy if I have shortcut + bookmark Some notes are already structured. And those are big note, so I need much energy to manage. So I can't apply the way to many note. ======== ======== Thanks for the advices!! Peace.
  4. [Reason] I've been managing 116 shortcuts now. ======== ======== [Conclusion] So I need more easy feature to organize, like bookmark manager. I want the More Powerful feature to organize ideas!! than “shortcut”, “notebooks”, “tags”. ======== ======== to Organize feeling lead you happy. Improve mindset, Hack yourself.
  5. Surely, I can view shortcuts vertically... But it doesn't work well for me. ?
  6. Oh, really?! I didn't know that. Thank you.
  7. I want to see shortcuts-list vertically like iOS app. And I want to make folders in shortcuts-list.
  8. Nice ideas! Thanks. FONT SIZE, “Connect Evernote font size to iOS font size” sounds good. But I want to talk about NOTELIST SIZE too.
  9. "Improve Notebooks to Bookmark feature in Evernote" Yeah, exactly “Nootbooks” is the powerful method to organize notes, I agree with you. ---------- I'm sorry not to write my idea enough clearly. It's not connect to bookmaneger in browsers, but improve “Shortcut feature” to new “Bookmark feature in Evernote”. It's time to make Bookmark in Evernote, isn't it? ---------- Your comment make my idea clear. Thank you.
  10. "Bookmark manager is beter than Notebooks" Notebooks feature is too complicated for me, I feel. Now I only use both features “Shortcut” & “Tag”[1], without “Notebooks”. How do you think my feeling? Best “Bookmark Manager” I've known is Google Chrome. to import current Shortcut -> Be like “Bookmark Bar”. Notebooks -> Be moved directly. To make option about choosing to Refresh/Not, is best. I have the ways to improve Google Chrome Bookmark. Bookmark improve way is following.. Add by New Top Sort - like Evernote notes Smart List - like iTunes AI recommend - like Spotify BtW, "Bookmark Organizer" is the better name than "Bookmark Manager", I think. 1.^ my Tag feature using way in Evernote is like below. For your information toShare / Shared, [EvN FBs] = Evernote Feedback Access Y2018 0803
  11. [Note List Option] iOS app Proposal "Change crrent small to default medium" sounds good for me. How about you? 2 Reason Display-Size is almost same between Medium & Large in my environment. Some people like smaller Notes Display than current small, I guess. example ScreenShot * Large https://gyazo.com/4c45263299fc97fde03954a34a815372 * Medium https://gyazo.com/de90c7c80d1a1ce08901092bf419acff * Small https://gyazo.com/95c9ec4cd9da5d8bef2d5ebf45e1cbf2
  12. Mac版であれば、mthaichiさんの設定で解決するようです。 Windows版であれば、[ツール] - [オプション] - [ノート] から [リストと水平線を自動検出] のチェックを外すと解決できます。
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