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  1. same here. I've been wondering why doesn't Evernote already include this feature for its user. I have to use the snipping tool on my pc to snapshot some portion of an article and than manually attach the picture again to combine them into one note. It's still fine, until it comes to a time when i actually need to get down a portion of the web document, let say it's a part within the middle and it's more than a page (involves scrolling down). None of the clipping functions support this as articles include the whole page while screenshot capture what's available within the screen only. So each time i need to save sth like that i need to use the snipping tool on my pc n capture multiple shots before combining them into one fluent structure, which is very time consuming. Any ways to get things easier? Or evernote simply doesn't support such features yet?
  2. Exactly i face the same problem too when clipping wikihow pages, so i tried other webpages and they work. Maybe it's some sort of bugs or the clipper can't support the image format in wiki pages?
  3. Hi there. I was using Evernote web clipper to clip web pages and as usual it's great until suddenly it occurs that i can't view any of the images i clip anymore. Like the attachment below, when i tried the clipping in the 'simplified article' format, i can't take hold of the image. I tried other versions like clipping the article but it's even worse and the whole page totally mess up. Anyone facing the same problem?
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