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  1. @ShaneD with the legacy version, I was able to sycn EN with my contacts. Will this be possible in the restored version?
  2. This comments seems to say the following to me: "Seems like lots of people are using Google Docs... so we just copied their interface." It also seems to ignore the fact that many of us use Evernote loyal, for decades because of certain features and customizable work spaces. To summarily change all this up without warning or notification -- and then to express bewilderment when people are upset -- demonstrates a lack of concern and professionalism that is shocking for a mature startup.
  3. I use email a note copy everyday. It's a crucial part of my executive coaching work. My clients rely on this process. Is it is a bit anachronistic? Yes. Does it work? Yes. I will cancel my subscription unless it returns. If I can't rely on my note-taking app to do simple things extraordinarily well, then I don't need it.
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