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  1. You can revert to the previous version, change to a coming version, if you opt to be a beta user. Of the beta version is bad you just opt out for a while. You become a beta user through the app store.
  2. My issues have been solved in the new Evernote version 8. Great feeling to write without interruptions or worries!
  3. I also have very long notes. I write with Swype and there it is possible to mark the whole note, just like ctrl-a with a pc-keyboard. When all the text is marked I just use the arrow-down and come to the end.
  4. New problem with 8.1_beta3: I'm writing with Swype 3.2.4 on a Samsung SM-A500FU. This keyboard enters a full stop when I double click on the space button. But after the new update of Evernote this key-stroke sequence causes the cursor to jump to the top of the document instead! Is it possible to undo the update?
  5. I agree totally with the need for a setting for time out. It's not major, and I had got used to close notes, but it happens now and then that the screen is left on for hours.
  6. After more than six months, I still have this problem now and then. The problem has increased on the check lists, where it is very systematic: of I attempt to delete a word on row #3 then a word on row #1 will be deleted instead. I have Evernote 8.2_beta 2 on a Samsung A5 from 2015.
  7. I just want to add that the editing issues are still present and send to be related to my use of Swype in Evernote. I have no problem with Swype in other apps. Until recently the only problem I had showed up when I use the backspace key. In some situations, which I cannot predict, it was impossible to delete single letters. When of tried to do that, the whole word was merged with the previous word. A few weeks ago another problem has begun, also without any obvious pattern. What happens is that, sometimes, when writing a word, the word merges with the previous word when there should be a space. I have downloaded the beta to see if it will make a difference. Thanks for looking into this!
  8. I just lost 20 minutes of writing because I wanted to add a picture to the note. Very annoying. I use a Samsung A4 (SM-A4500FU) with Android 5.0.2. Multi picture is on in the settings. How can Evernote allow such a bug for such a long time? I will not use this function again.
  9. In the latest version of the Android app, the Undo-function had been moved into the editing menu. This is really inconvenient and annoying. Please bring it back to the "front page" so I can reach it easily even I make a mistake. Also, from the latest version pasted text changes font size between cut and paste. If I cut a sentence from the end of a paragraph and paste it into the middle of the same paragraph the inserted text changes to a smaller font. Is this related to Evernote or my keyboard app, Swype?
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