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  1. I guess I can see that. However, my use case is different. I tend to use Evernote as a scratch pad for things I need to remember, like passwords, lock codes, lists, etc. So, I'll pull up a note, look at it to get the info, and then just stick my phone in my pocket, forgetting about it. Since the Samsung has the Smart Stay feature, if I want to look at it longer, I can. I know some people don't have Smart Stay (and it doesn't work well for everyone), but it would be nice to have the ability to turn Evernote's "stay on" feature off for those that do.
  2. Uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted again. Same result. If I'm on the "All Notes" page, it sleeps normally. As soon as I pull up a specific note (just to view or when editing), it refuses to sleep. If I go back to the All Notes page, it's goes back to the normal screen timeout. Very strange...
  3. Lately I've noticed that whenever I have a note displaying, my android screen will not sleep. Is this new behavior or is this something that has always happened? It only happens only on a displayed note -- it will sleep on the all notes screen. Anyone else see this behavior? I use my phone to take notes and will tend to forget about it and it burns out my battery. I'm on a Samsung Note 5 if it matters.
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