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  1. I think the PhraseExpress thing is cool. I think Evernote removing features forcing the use of PhraseExpress is uncool.
  2. Well, good news and bad news. 6.17.8273 (308273) seemed to have fixed the Outlook integration to where it will create a note. But if I drop down the notebook in the pop-up integration it crashes Outlook and the integration plugin. Only thing I can do right now is accept the notebook, let it open the note, and then change it.
  3. Having the same issue - and I use this integration from Outlook meeting invites about 4x per day. So impact is rather high for me right now. :-(
  4. It's nuances like this, and the high premium price that has me headed the other direction. Dropped my membership, and I'm slowly migrating away. It's really too bad.
  5. Without highlighting: With highlighting: (307010) Prerelease (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)
  6. For as much as paid subscriptions cost, I cannot believe a defect affecting functionality (not feature, but functionality) would take so long to fix. Where is this download? I tried "update" from the client, and it says it's up-to-date (meaning no notes given the bug).
  7. I just started having the same issue. Version This has a huge impact on my being able to do work for my customers.
  8. I am also having this problem. Restarting Evernote did not correct. Running Evernote across 3 instances - contractions are marked misspelled and I have to add to dictionary 3 separate times, across each instance.
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