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  1. @scruggles I have a personal (premium) account and I use an account to keep records of a nonprofit for which I serve as treasurer. Evernote would be the perfect solution if i had two phones (nope) or if i could switch beteeen them. I love on my Mac how I can switch between accounts instantly. On iPhone it's pretty horrible. It does not make sense to mingle these roles in one account: I intend to keep my own account "forever" but Intend to pass the treasurer account to the next treasurer when my time is done. My phone has plenty of storage. I would willingly click "OK" on an alert to acknowledge that I understand multiple accounts takes more space. Does that make sense?
  2. I use account switching on the Mac and it's fantastic. I'm disappointed and surprised that my iOS device doesn't have it too. It would be tremendously helpful. In fact I'll personally chip in $25 if you do this. Tell the developers to set up a "Buy the Evernote Devs a Beer" account on PayPal!!
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