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  1. I was working on a note yesterday from my MacBook that I intended to access on my Android phone. The usual. But since that note, it so stopped syncing... Or just sync endlessly on my phone saying that the note has been updated but never stops trying to open the note itself. I can't open that note and can't add new from my android device when I can create notes or open it on my Mac. I cleared the cache. Didn't fix it. Any fix for that? At the top of the screenshot, you see what little blue bar saying that it is refreshing. It is stuck on that. EDIT: I deleted the note that seemed to be causing the issue (the one titled Email EN - Bottled) from the Mac side. Synced and it worked from the web browser but not on android. The issue seems to be on the Android side. I restarted my phone and it seems it is syncing not. I even recreated the note exactly as it was (saved it on the competitor Google Keep :p) and it worked as it should be. Not sure what was the issue there.
  2. @gazumped The idea seems interesting but wouldn't you need one ToC per day of the month? And the days would change from months to months, the 1rst of each months being a Monday, Tuesday...etc Or did I misunderstand your point? The only I would see this work would be to reduce the amount of information. Let's say use a weekly calendar where you would set a reminder date, Filterize would apply a tag for a specific week to the weekly calendar, add the correct ToC, through a template that would contain one of the 52 ToC fieldtags and add the notes as a table of content. Either you would need 52 templates each containing one of the ToC Filterize fieldtags, or a way to add the correct tag depending on the reminder date.
  3. Have you tried with Filterize? It is amazing for ToC and will run no matter what OS you use. I use it between Android and MacOS. I don't really use the ToC from Evernote anymore. You could have a tag "Make a ToC" (or whatever), and Filterize would take care of making the ToC for you. The only inconvenience might be that you will need 1 tag per ToC. It is best for a dashboard or something temporary. I use it to feed my inbox or my GTD table.
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying out the Addon for Gmail. It is awesome but it seems it doesn't support multiple accounts. You have to set it up in each account but it seems it doesn't want to. Probably because it already gave permission to a gmail account. I have 4 Gmail accounts to manage different businesses and I can't set it up on my other accounts. It will ask for permissions, load the page forever and close. How do you set it up for multiple accounts? Is it even possible? Best
  5. I think there could be a workaround for the dynamic Planner. Best so far is to prepare it in Google Sheets or Numbers and then copy-paste the table. I am not sure why some columns do not keep their original format but so far, it is doing a good job. The dates are formulas in the sheet. I enter the first day of the month (the one for my calendar) and google sheet is doing the rest. Surprisingly, it is keeping the conditional formatting (not shown on the screenshot) It also keeps the merged cells which is normally something not available in Evernote Tables. Either I distribute my calendar as a sheet (with dropdown lists, formulas ...etc) Rest is to find how to script this: copy cells from Google Sheets/Numbers and then paste them inside a note. @DTLow Do you know if it is possible to copy-paste the formatting of a cell in Evernote (i.e. background color)? So far, I haven't managed. I would like to keep the colors I have.
  6. @DTLow For the spreadsheet, it seems Notion can import a spreadsheet... Really tempting to move to Notion from time to time. Carl Pullein seems to have found a workaround. And I just found this VBA macro for Excel. Just need to try it out. https://gist.github.com/robertpateii/2992931/dcd5dce382de0f5eb0d478d9cb77ee008fd06bd2
  7. That works! I tried to fix the list of tags the same way but no, didn't work. I guess I have to loop over the elements of the list or something like this. For the table width... I think I know a workaround! In filterize, you can apply a template following the addition of a tag and it keeps the formatting so far. So technically, if you assign a tag with AppleScript first and apply a template following this tag with Filterize it should work! I haven't tried yet and it is getting late but it should fix this. As you need to wait for filterize to refresh maybe you can tell Filterize to add a tag when it applies the template, and AppleScript to wait until this specific tag has been added to the note.
  8. global tags_to_assign global the_tags set tag1 to ("tag: \"Y2020\"") set tag2 to ("tag \"facts for OF\"") set tag3 to ("tag \"OceanFact\"") set tag4 to ("tag \"Instagram\"") set tags_to_assign to {tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4} set the_tags to (the tags of template_note) Here: assign the_tags to new_note assign tags_to_assign to new_note I tried different format, none of them works. And I simply adapted code I found on internet. I am a total beginner but I have some basics in coding other languages.
  9. I write my blog posts under Evernote. It is perfect to categorize and find something later, also to work offline as you mentioned. Best in my opinion is to copy/paste. Especially if you use a premium theme. I use Avada and their Fusion Builder editor. If you apply a template to a page with text blocks, it only take a few seconds to copy/paste the text. Usually, I don't have issue with headers, especially if I use one of their fusion element "Title". It takes whatever text I paste and apply whatever header style I implemented in the template. If a basic blog is what you want with limited customization, postach.io seems ideal. Otherwise, Wordpress takes a bit more time but works fine.
  10. Well, I don't have implemented examples (as you are the Apple Script Pro here and I am not yet :D), but for instance a table calendar which cells would get filled with note links depending on the reminder dates and/or tags. Should be possible with Regular Expression I guess: Identify the date from the note (tag or reminder date) Copy the internal link Go to the calendar note Find the month, then the day Jump to the next cell Paste the note link To identify the correct cell, they're could be a (merge) field with the date {yyyy-mm-dd} or something similar. Would be nice to have dynamic template with dynamical fields, for instance start date and end dates to make a calendar template. You could put "{Start Date: 01/11/2020}", "{End Date: 05/12/2020}, {Monday:Friday}" in an empty note, apply a template to it that would replace the content and would make a calendar out of it going from 01/11 to 05/12 of 2020, only showing Mondays till Fridays. Something like this. I put that as a nice personal AppleScript learning project. About the Gant Chart, you put a picture of the spreasheet inside Evernote or you have a table for the Gantt chart inside Evernote? I am interested in a Gantt chart Dare to share the script? Best,
  11. Interested in that as well, to categorize posts I could use in the future. I tried to save it in Pocket and use IFTTT to send it automatically to Evernote after I tagged the Pocket note. Sort of work but does still a bad job. Still better than Evernote clipping on this one but I can't get the captions with it.
  12. @DTLow I started scripting and I think I got some basics looking at other people's scripts but still some parts are giving me troubles. For now, I am making a script that will open all the tools that I need as well as created two notes from two templates. I manage to create the notes but: 1. They do not keep the layout of the tables. The column gets squeezed to the left. The content of screenshots don't match but you get the idea. 2. Impossible to assign or unassign tags. I am not sure why Evernote gives me an error message there. I tried different syntax there... I don't get it The script Get Ready to Write Facts.scpt
  13. I know you love AppleScript ha ha! I am trying to learn the language that comes with AppleScript but not there yet. I know programming a bit so that helps but the syntax is quite different. Do you know if there is an interactive website with projects to learn Apple Script?
  14. I saw many great ideas from the contest. I couldn't participate as it was too late but it inspired me to do my own dashboard. OceanFact is a science communication project in marine biology that I started way before I heard about EN. Evernote changed everything! I am posting on instagram each a small fact about marine organisms and I used to do that in google doc. It would quickly pile up and become impossible to search for anything. On top of becoming sluggish. I can now write and have everything in one place, classified and all to reuse content later. The post-it are pictures with an internal link or a hyperlink to specific notes. They are inserted inside a table for a nice display. I made those postit notes with inkscape. I got inspired by Enrico Nahler and how he uses Filterize and Table of Contents. Behind each postit, there is a note that I feed with Filterize and some tags. When I add the tag "Published" to a note, it is removed from that list and goes to a specific note that collects all the ideas that have been completed, again with Filterize. This one is still a work in progress. I need to add all the categories and internal links to easily go back and forth between the notes. I would like to see your dashboards to get more inspirations. Especially if you have a calendar dahsboard or something you can make dynamical with dates. Best,
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