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  1. Hi, I was duplicating a note not to start from scratch. The original note contains a picture which appears in the thumbnail (which I want to easily find a note). If I remove that picture and replace it with another one in the duplicate, the thumbnail doesn't seem to update/refresh and will keep the old picture. Is there a way to refresh a thumbnail? The only work around I found was to open a new note and copy-paste everything but the picture. A bit more work. Best,
  2. I understood that I am curious about your scripting. I have a MAC but I am not so familiar with scripts. Do you have it somewhere for download? Or how did you set it up.
  3. Hi, I discovered the tag hierarchy and I simply love it! I started sorting and tagging even more Do you know if there is a way to tag all the tags in a hierarchy? Let us say I want to tag A species taxonomy (I am a biologist). I would like to tag: Vertebrates > fish > sharks > species of shark. If I would tag a species of shark, it would tag all the tags upward. Is it possible? Maybe with Filterize?
  4. But that's the thing. I don't want an editor. I don't want to code my notes. I just want the fast ability to format my notes as I write like I would write text.
  5. If you think markdown will only be used by developpers, businesses and professionals, think again. Markdown or any markup is a very fast way to format things without the need to click a button or remember a shortcut! See Bear for iOS / macOS. How fast is that?! Would have saved me a lot of time to apply formatting on the go when I was taking notes for school! The main reason I do not use Bear is because it is Apple exclusive when I use Android or work with people using other platforms. Plus, I learned how to use Evernote so why would I change? It is unbelievable that a note-taking app doesn't have a formatting on-the-go equivalent to markdown! Some system that helps you format your notes quickly and easily without spending 30% of your time formatting your notes!!! If you do not want to integrate markdown, include a similar/equivalent system to make it as easy as a Bear writer at least. If there is such system, I didn't find it and I would love to be proven wrong. So far, I only found the auto-formatting: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001758468-How-to-use-auto-formatting Which does not include title size (e.g. H1, H2...) nor change the size of the font on-the-go.
  6. Hi, I use evernote to easily and quickly collect quotes when I am reading. I take my notes on-the-go from my android smartphone and access them on my computer when writing. I was thinking of exporting/copy-pasting my quotes into a csv file and sort quotes by author, alphabetically. However, Evernote tables seems to consider each new line as a cell instead of the content of a single cell. Excel will merge cells if needed. For instance, I have two or more merged cells for the author's name next to two or more cells containing a quote and whatever pieces of information I added with it. Obviously, I am not consistent with it... so can't use a macro except if coded as such "If cell in column A is merged, much X cells on the right". Is there a way to better work with tables in Evernote? Or a way to embed a google spreadsheet into a note and access it directly without going to google spreadsheet? I am also thinking of a zap... let's say, I have one note per quote with a tag "add quote" and Zappier will transfer the quote but I'd rather access my notes in Evernote itself. Thanks a lot
  7. Hi guys, new Evernote user here. I was using Keep before but limiting when you want to keep long notes. The OCR is definitely a missing feature when Google Keep has the Grab Text OCR feature. I usually take pictures of slideshow when I go to conferences and it is really handy to extract the text from those slides. I could do that with Keep which is supposed to be a less evolved and complex note keeping app. I'm quite sure even users who have no use for OCR now may start using it.
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