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  1. Hi, I subscribed to Evernote Plus a year ago and as I am not liking where things are going with EN10, I decided to cancel for 2021 and wait for better updates. I subscribed through itunes and while it says cancelled and expired there, I received an in-app notification that my subscription was renewed (and it was). Am I the only one to have experienced this forced renewal? I contacted the support and I hope they will cancel my subscription with full refund.
  2. I thought it would be way more complex Neat! Thanks a lot
  3. What comment are you referring to regarding the Backup? I see a bunch of scripts. Or did you refer me to this so that I start scripting?
  4. Would you mind sharing your script? I wouldn't be able to script it myself but I might be able to adapt it to my own case if there needs adapting.
  5. I didn't think about that... and I have quite a few things I wouldn't like to lose... Maybe Joplin or something Open source and similar would be best, despite losing on quite nice features.
  6. Does the HTML export keep the tag information? I was exporting via the Export tool from EN and it only gave me the xml option to keep tags. Does it export the stacks and notebooks as well by the way?
  7. Interested as well! Cause I cannot work properly now And my subscription is being renewed soon so it would be about time to change
  8. Thanks a lot! At least we have a good forum with active people!
  9. I was expecting a great update with all the promotion they've done around the new editor... I didn't expect this though. So I updated and now can't roll back on Android I think
  10. Thanks for directing me to this. Is it possible to have the legacy app on Android as well? All I see is the new version When I saw a new version was on the store, as a security measure, I updated things. Aren't you supposed to roll updates to avoid hacking? I don't understand why they rolled this as a major update when it is this glitchy.
  11. Dear community and Evernote company, I have loved Evernote since I discovered it and started using it about a year ago. I have used Evernote everyday ever since and even took a subscription though not being rich, just because I felt it changed the way I organized my life and what possibilities it gave me. And now you dropped this awful new version?! Sure there are some improvements on some features but how many drawbacks did you introduce with them! I use Evernote both on Android and MacOS. 1. I can no longer sync manually my notes which was handy if I would take a pictures
  12. I was working on a note yesterday from my MacBook that I intended to access on my Android phone. The usual. But since that note, it so stopped syncing... Or just sync endlessly on my phone saying that the note has been updated but never stops trying to open the note itself. I can't open that note and can't add new from my android device when I can create notes or open it on my Mac. I cleared the cache. Didn't fix it. Any fix for that? At the top of the screenshot, you see what little blue bar saying that it is refreshing. It is stuck on that. EDIT:
  13. @gazumped The idea seems interesting but wouldn't you need one ToC per day of the month? And the days would change from months to months, the 1rst of each months being a Monday, Tuesday...etc Or did I misunderstand your point? The only I would see this work would be to reduce the amount of information. Let's say use a weekly calendar where you would set a reminder date, Filterize would apply a tag for a specific week to the weekly calendar, add the correct ToC, through a template that would contain one of the 52 ToC fieldtags and add the notes as a table of content. Either you woul
  14. Have you tried with Filterize? It is amazing for ToC and will run no matter what OS you use. I use it between Android and MacOS. I don't really use the ToC from Evernote anymore. You could have a tag "Make a ToC" (or whatever), and Filterize would take care of making the ToC for you. The only inconvenience might be that you will need 1 tag per ToC. It is best for a dashboard or something temporary. I use it to feed my inbox or my GTD table.
  15. Hello everyone, I am trying out the Addon for Gmail. It is awesome but it seems it doesn't support multiple accounts. You have to set it up in each account but it seems it doesn't want to. Probably because it already gave permission to a gmail account. I have 4 Gmail accounts to manage different businesses and I can't set it up on my other accounts. It will ask for permissions, load the page forever and close. How do you set it up for multiple accounts? Is it even possible? Best
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