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  1. Thanks for the tips. Sadly today I went into airplane mode and the moment my app connected, 3 versions of the note I was editing appeared. Also lost some text this morning before even leaving the apartment. The good news is that Development has finally got enough information from me and are working on the issue. It seems to be some kind of glitch in the way Evernote keeps information prior to syncing - this is my explaination and understanding so my terms or description may not be accurate. Some of the Info From Support: “Thanks for keeping in touch. I really appreciate your effort in providing additional information of your concern. I've looked into this further based on all the information I've gathered from you, I can confirm that our development team is now aware of the performance issues you are encountering. Our Development Team is working diligently to fix these issues as soon as possible, and we do hope to see the improvements on our future releases as well.” = It took me countless hours to learn the right terms, find others with the issue, prove it’s not just stupidity, and get them to duplicate it in any way, but finally they can see the missing text issue themselves. Then I was also able to do the same with the duplicating notes issues that myself and others are experiencing. I should note that even when I have been astronomically careful, that duplicate notes still happen, so even when I walk on egg shells, it’s an issue. Their reply to that one: ”However, if the note was not open anywhere else, and you are still having duplicate copies of the note, it appears that this is already now a known issue that our product team is currently working on. Evernote is already working on improvements to sync to help reduce conflicts. Our development team is currently working on improvements to reduce conflicting notes occurrences. I've gone ahead and gathered all the helpful information you provided and added to the report that is open with the development team. Although I can't give you a specific time frame of when this issue will be fixed please do know that our product team is now hard at work in addressing this issue.” So it’s my hope that I’ve finally documented and proven the issue. Please share with others who have been as frustrated as me, it may give them hope to know there is an active fight to get this fixed. Best, Timmy
  2. Interesting. So this is a different problem than I have Development addressing at the moment. I have been combing through all examples of missing text for their team because I keep experiencing data loss and saving issues myself. However I don’t use the web version, only the apps. I’ve noticed that documenting the issue and trying to show that it happens to other people while also emailing support regularly has really raised the profile of my own issue, so that’s my advice. I know it’s time consuming and frustrating - I feel as if I had to take a week off of work to address my own issues, but if the end result is a fix so we can move forward with a product we get mad it, but at the same time root for and need, I suppose it’s worth it. Best of luck. I know they are now working on similar issues so perhaps that will fix your own as well. I’ve been pushing hard for a fix and pouring tons of my own time into it. Hell, I feel like I’m working for them at the moment. They should offer a free year to someone who discovers, documents, and pursues a fix until it’s resolved.
  3. That’s so interesting. I wonder what it is that I’m doing so differently. I use Evernote all day off and on and have some 20,000 notes - maybe that’s the issue. I regularly use an iPhone 11P, iPhone 12M, iPad Pro, and iMac Pro, newest v. I also switch from apps. I’ll read an article in Safari, then go back to Evernote to write my joke. Then go to the calculator app for something, then back to Evernote. Maybe that’s unusual. One thing I could be doing different is that I travel and use Evernote - on the NYC subway from Office to home. Also at home my wifi is a service of the building and it fluctuates. I wish I could learn which factors are different for me. i also start every day using a self-created Evernote template. Maybe it’s my use of templates that’s different. I also always add images. Maybe too many images in a note bogs down the local version? In my own experience it feels like local version VS cloud version are in this never ending war of attrition. The end result are some 4-6 duplicate versions (“a copy of this note has been saved” warning), missing text, and screen lockups. I would love to discover what things I’m doing are different or the same.
  4. It seems that whatever the green icon does, the local save issue, is the problem. Local (Edit) Version Vs Cloud Version. I think this also is why endless duplicate notes get created for myself and others. In normal use, there is always one version on the device and one version on the cloud but it never seems to merge in a user friendly way on any iOS devices throughout the entire day. During what would feel like normal usage, local version Vs Cloud version seems to be constantly in a war of attrition rather than constantly working in user-friendly tandem. The end result is screen locks, missing text, and duplicate notes with ongoing consistency. i guess that, yes, the best I can do is keep trying to get support to understand the issue until it’s resolved, rather than having them keep sending me to the forum. They are likely working in ideal environments, so I wonder how they can ever duplicate it. Let’s hope they can and I’ll keep nagging them on this one, because it’s become so time consuming & I see what feels like similar complaints all throughout this forum.
  5. This. One thousand times this. This issue of “more than one version” has become a plague for me. Do you notice that this can happen many times with the same file on the same day? Even though there doesn’t seem to be any reason outside of “normal usage?”
  6. I have spent countless hours on those note conflicts. Then I have to side-by-side compare them to see which one warehouses any kind of important missing data. most days I get up to 6 versions of the same note, are you seeing this issue as well?
  7. Do you have any suggestions for someone who likes adding images, & using self-created templates daily? I have yet to find an app that lives up to old Evernote. I like saving voice as well.
  8. Amen. I use Evernote as a very important job and life tool. It’s like an ADHD cure when used and setup just right. I keep all of my written jokes in a complex array of folders which make things so easy. I can come up with an idea on my iPhone Evernote and then complete it back on my iMac. I save images, use it for a personal knowledge base and Evernote had become my memory. But recent versions have made performance so bad. I think the last updates I cared about were being able to add images, colored text, private links to other notes, better search, image text search and voice notes. Outside that it’s just gone downhill. I would pay double the money monthly for just a clean, high-performance personal version that doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that have caused personal grief like wasted waiting time and constantly lost text. When I last tried OneNote I couldn’t find a way to save images or email notes. It just doesn’t have the features that the high watermark of Evernote had. And it was harder to organize notes. For me Evernote peaked in 2018 or 2019. Which makes me sad. Even a broken Evernote still is far better than a lot of similar apps. But that’s starting to change. I would never have jumped ship in 2018. Now I’m constantly looking for something that can just do what Evernote could do by 2019. I wish I could buy the 2019 version and build a fork that’s just for personal knowledge-bases.
  9. OP - do you use other versions of Evernote? Is the text that you are losing random or is it the most recently edited text?
  10. This is what seems to been happening to me as well, or is very similar in experience. When you tap on the check mark it just freezes, and you’re stuck. You can’t click on search or anything? Same here. This happens on any iPhone or iPad of mine and I have a number of them, all modern. Do you also notice that some of the most recent text will disappear, only to return… sometimes?
  11. This has been exactly my experience. It’s always the last few words I added. And I agree - the tick on the top left doesn’t seem to work properly. I kinda got grief for calling it a “sync,” because I don’t know the technical terms. I guess it’s a local save trigger? Either way it certainly seems to have issues. And the end result is that it doesn’t update recent text - or in my case it may vanish or reappear, luck of the draw.
  12. I agree. I haven’t gotten much practical advice yet, and nothing has worked. I feel like I’m always getting the *same* advice too: check battery, reinstall again, is Device old? Which sadly doesn’t help - from my end, I press a button on an app, and then it doesn’t work - that’s all I know. From there there’s not much difference to me if someone calls something a local-save issue or a sync issue. It’s just a “something that doesn’t work” issue for me. And whether the app is programmed to save locally or sync isn’t something I can control as far as I know? From my perspective it’s just: “I press button, button doesn’t work, text vanishes, screen freezes.” I’m determined to champion this issue and have been getting into detailed work with support for some time now, so I’ll keep you posted, as I feel your pain, trust me.
  13. I’m willing to try anything to fix this as it’s so annoying. What’s “Lockdown?” for me, Important notes are almost always clipped where I lose a phone number or some important final thing I wrote. All devices, all good batteries, all in great working order and updated. I wonder if there is some setting I turned off like “don’t send feedback to Evernote” that if I reinstall and turn on “send regular app feedback” it will make things better.
  14. Thanks! So… Lots of memory, I keep a handheld charger so I never run low as I’m a continuous user. I’m going to test long term and continue sending examples to support. Hopefully they are helpful. I was truly worried that others were universally having this issue but if not, then I’m baffled as it used to work on all devices just fine. Honestly I was less careful in the past as well, because I’m not really a technical guy. It was more robust before. Whatever changed seems to have happened on both my iPads and my 3 iPhones. Maybe Evernote saves to my iCloud now!? That would explain the consistency.
  15. Ah, sorry I’m not a technical guy or forum poster typically so I thought similar meant helpful. I’ll make sure to just post on this issue in my own specific forum post moving forum. Just to close, here’s how that file looks now, which is bizarre to me - it’s neither the over written version nor the original. It’s an example of missing text and how it appears later after I haven’t touched the file: :
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