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  1. I feel like it's probably safe to say that people have submitted multiple bugs and support requests prior to getting to this forum. That's how it happened in my case anyway. I understand your suggestion, but I imagine everyone has submitted so many bugs by now that this is the only place that seems left as an avenue of some kind of hope. At the very least a place to commiserate. I have submitted 8 of the some 20+ Showstopping bugs that I have found. Unless they are going to pay users to work as Quality Assurance Staff, it's excessive to expect that they can launch a complete disaster of a half-product and expect the Paying Users to locate, specify, and line-by-line notate the process of duplicating every bug, so that Developers at Evernote can create a useable product. If they have a QA staff, what... exactly..... do they do?
  2. I couldn't agree more on the issue with this version being a disaster. I have used Evernote since 2013 and rely on it daily. I'm on it all day for notes, as I am a comedy writer and performer. Ideas, logs, interviews... they have all gone into Evernote. To be fair, it's the best thing out there - although I've slowly seen a case for switching to OneNote. But this version is UNUSABLE. I have never in 7 years of Evernote submitted so many specific and SHOWSTOPPING bugs. Entire chunks of text are disappearing. If you switch from one device to another, that used to be seamless, but now it's a death warrant. You'll lose text, get multiple file duplications and start to get confused on which file is the "real" file. I spend more time submitting bugs than I do on taking notes. And I'm a die hard fan normally. Just now I switched to the iMac Pro in hopes that at least their strongest flagship versions might be working. WRONG. They are not working. The autosync causes the text to jump so much that it's like someone is fighting every key stroke by learning on the delete key. It almost reminds me of years ago when I had a Word Processor keyboard and it had more bugs than usefullness... but I was so hopeful for the possibilities that I kept using it. I can say for certain that usually Evernote works for large spans of time with only small issues... But now the images won't indent, when I take a picture to add it to a note, they freeze or disappear, notes are disappearing or duplicating multiple times... There are so many bugs that all I want is to go back to an older version. And even that failed. I grabbed an old iPhone hoping that it just wouldn't update. I turned off the app-updating function.... and suddenly Evernote FORCED the update somehow. It's so bad that I'm opening notes, but in each note I'm merely referring to another app where I have the "real" notes. My hope is that sometime in the future I can transfer all of them. I find this version to be not worth my time. I would rather not use it. I feel like it's surgery. Just knock me out until the horror show is over.
  3. Oh these are the greatest! It was a combination of all these issues - I wasn't putting the searchterm w/o spaces after "intitle:" I also wasn't aware of using double quotes to assure EN would register spaces. You guys are the best! Responsive too! I'm a 5-year Stand up comedian and I would be loooost w/o Evernote. It's my personal RAM.
  4. For some reason I can't get intitle: searchterm to work anymore. Has this changed?
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