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  1. So when will ability to filter notes by multi selecting tags in the left sidebar be available? This is ridiculous to not be able to do it.
  2. Yes you could make use of a taglist on your mac. But I'm sure, like me, most of us are on a mobile device at least half the time. Thought i explained why I want manual sort. "This structure is part of my planning - certain orders related to importance or sequence or just the order i thought of it all." This is very important for me to treat my note taking system as an extension of my brain. I review data/idea/research as groups of notes. So if i want to return to my notes on "film" i need it to be where i left it and ordered the same way for me to quickly pick up where i left off.
  3. Sure thing. So i think structurally. I process the information i gather, ideas i have and projects i'm doing by putting it in a certain place. My brain is more at ease knowing where it is. This structure is part of my planning - certain orders related to importance or sequence or just the order i thought of it all. So i need a manual base structure and then tagging on top of that for additional mashups. The way evernote is currently there is no way for me to work. There are major flaws with both the notebook and tag implementation. Notebooks: If i try to use notebooks i only get two levels (and it's infuriating to try to quickly add a whole project with the kludgy way you have to do it). Tags: If i try to use tags, then i have to number them all to maintain the order. The issue here is extra time, i have to remember the exact number of each tag to be able to add it to any note and when i try to find something from tags on ios it's a cluster fk (some weird two column alphabetical list - where's the hierarchy i worked so hard to create??).
  4. I found a work around. I'm witching to Scrivener. They now have an ios app so that base is covered - and very well. For web and mobile capture i'll still use evernote as an inbox. Scrivener has perfect manual sort, quick and easy nesting and then the outline view let's you auto sort all notes in any way. Amazing what a small crew can do vs a behemoth entrenched in plaque. I've used evernote since it was an evernote (the old toilet paper scroll). I'd love to keep using it but it's in no way helpful. Amazing for capture, terrible for use of that capture.
  5. So how are we going on manual sorting? Really letting themselves down without it. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15291-request-manual-sort-view-of-notes-in-a-notebook/?page=2#comment-432264
  6. I keep trying to like evernote but my mind works best when there's a consistent order. Numbering is really annoying and it's not at all useable. e.g. i have both nested notebooks and tags and have to number everything to keep the order i need. That would be semi ok but when adding a new note and i try to type a tag in for it i get no suggestions as i type. It doesn't recognise it as an established tag as my tag has numbers in front of it to be able to order them in the nest. e.g. i want to add the tag "film" but i now have to remember that it's called "2.1. film". And forget about it on the iphone. That 2-column list of tags is laughable. It's essentially a fatal flaw for me and i'm sure many power users. And why i continue to keep cycling between onenote and evernote. Evernote has great capture but onenote has end to end usability.
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