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  1. Just logged in to express my bitter disappointment and frustration with the new Evernote. Some functions do not even work. Dragging or deleting some tags won't move/delete them. It is so slow. It can hang for a while if the note is big enough. No bulk editing the tags, no right click, navigation is just terrible. Who designed it? Some image thumbnails won't appear. They are blank. Sometimes searching tags won't show any results. There are even no tags shortcut (to the tag filter) and you can't hit enter to filter them. You have to tick them manually with a mouse. Navigation is so terrible! You can't simply right click a tag to rename it. You have to click tags, then choose one tag to rename one tag every time! You have to do it thousands of times! Insane design. No easy and simple right click tree navigation to create groups, rename, move, create new tags in one place. These are basic functions, which are not there! Or they are so badly implemented. We cannot multi-select tags. Only one to edit? This is ridiculous design! I could go on... This new version is a step backward. Two steps backward... Evernote used to be fast, light, and simple. I am coming back to Legacy version. Hopefully, they will never make it obsolete. It's so much better. And where are those right click options? Many other options and shortcuts were removed. This is a nightmare. I feel like cursing now 👿
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