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  1. Hi all, With the newest version of Evernote, it's now getting impossible to work with my personal and business accounts (in the Windows app), as I am constantly switching between the two. Originally there were 2 tabs at the top of the app and it was easy to switch between them. I often need to move notes from personal to business and vice versa. This was easily done by right-clicking the note and choosing the option. With the new version, switching between personal & business is clunky as it appears to now log out of one account and log in to the other, and it's not possible to have two instances of Evernote running with the two accounts. Further, I can no longer move notes between accounts (I now have to export to a file and import into the other account). This is now too time consuming as I am doing it regularly. So I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to use either business Evernote or personal Evernote for everything, and create separate notebook stacks for each. Since I don't really use the business functionality, and I have vastly more notes in personal, I'll use the personal version and ditch the business (as a certified consultant I don't pay for it anyway). But now I have the problem of how do I get all my business notes/notebooks into personal?
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