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How Do I Revert Back To An Older Version of Evernote?

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Are you on Free or a subscriber ?

Probably a subscriber, when talking to support (stupid me ...).

Then you open that note, and click on the 3 dots top right. Choose note information, and way down in the note information window you see "Show note history" as a green text (like a link). Open it, and you are good to go: You can reset the note to an older version, or create a new copy of that version as a new note.

Free users need to subscribe first. Note history is running for them as well in the background, but the access is subscribers only.

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If this is the most important function for you - watch out for another app. Obviously millions of users can do without.

Maybe the train wreck is more in modern education, with „advanced“ methods like „write it as you hear it“. After this I understand that anybody needs all the help he can get …

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My hope is that they will put the function back. I mean, come on. There is practically no typing function on any device that does not at least offer it as an option. In most cases, it's the default.

And modern education has nothing to do with it in my case. I graduated from university in 1987 and followed on to grad school in 1999. Perhaps younger generations have little experience writing in any context except text and social media. For them? Maybe. But I write a LOT and I type really fast. I've never been able to maintain accuracy when I am typing at speed. It's just something I never got good at. My misspellings are all "fat-finger" type mistakes from just hitting multiple keys, getting letters in the wrong order or caps timing being off.

I know I am not alone in wanting and even relying on autocorrect to some degree. Fortunately, the support person said they were passing the feedback on to the devs. So hopefully they'll add the functionality back in.

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You can simply use Grammarly. It's a browser extension that helps with such issues.

I hadn't realized that Evernote didn't have auto-correct, but in all fairness, it always seemed to be work for me even without Grammarly. Guess it's a Chromebook-specific thing.

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