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  1. I must add my name the long list of people who got wearied by the so-called "improvements" of this once great program. Can the almighty EN developers and their enlightened executives just try to listen to the complains and restore some of the old functions (go and read through the many forums to get some inspiration), instead of keep telling how great the new EN and rising prices? Today I just discovered that it is no more possible even to edit an encrypted text, a further step in making this function useless after they removed the probability to encrypt single notes, then texts with tables, then any advance formatting, etc. Seriously: what are you doing there?
  2. I just realized that having Readiris on my computer I can do exactly what I proposed in my last post. Right click on the PDF in EN, in the menu at "Open with" I choose Readiris. In Readiris I can select the portion of text I need, right click on it and choose "Copy as text". With the function "Interactive learning" it will help enhancing the recognition. Then I can copy the text in my writing software. Of course the OCR'd text still needs quite a good amount of editing. It takes a few more clicks and, more important, Readers costs a lot. Having this for free and integrated in EN would be great!
  3. In case some Evernote Staff are still following this discussion and their company is considering adding this function to EN, I dear to propose a possible way to make OCRed text available and copiable, while maintaining the multiple guessed of Evernote OCR. I attach two image simulations. The first is a right click menu for the image containing a command of opening a OCRed text window (in green, sorry for the Italian in the rest of the menu). The second one is the simulation of the pure text window, with the fuzzy words needing fixing highlighted and showing the selectable different guesses.
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