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  1. Yep, sorry. I though we´ve been talking about tables edition the last 20 messages and maybe I thought this could be interesting for the other people in thread which have different opinion than you. I mean, all except you. But maybe you are right, maybe the most important in this thread is the platform and the possibilities of using Evernote as a fill system. In this case , again, my sincere apologies for posting useless information about tables edition in a post about tables edition. .
  2. Evernote for Mac 6.12 Release Notes Major improvements to tables! Some highlights of what you can do with tables now: Add more rows and columns with a single click: Point to where you want a new column and click the plus button that appears. Choose the entire column or row just by clicking the header. Drag and drop entire rows & columns. Copy and paste multiple cells: Select the cells you want to move, copy them, move cursor to a new spot and paste all the cells with one click. Adjust the width of one column without affecting the width of the column next to it. Scroll horizontally to view a table with many columns without expanding your window. Hover within a cell to activate advanced table options. You can distribute columns evenly Match the table width to the width of your window Change the alignment of items within cells Add and change background colorsQuickly add rows and columns – via the plus button
  3. @DTLow I have to recognize I do agree with your point of view about grouping documents. I am a freelancer and I am always trying to find a way to keep the invoices & expenses sorted and indexed. The problem with Evernote is that it requires too much work to do basic stuff because the lack of a good editor... I use Evernote to keep - as you said- personal documents which are discrete and easily accountable. But, the system doesn't scale, (I even tried to automate some stuff with IFTTTT) but at the end it just doesn't work. Currently I'm trying a new system based in the GDocs suite, linking files from G.Drive in spreadsheets. Anyway, it is still not a good system.
  4. You can attach one document to a note. For example you can create a table a matrix of Document name - PDF and this is very nice to store for example taxes information or invoices... But how do you store 400 pictures in a note? Does it make sense to attach 15 videos to a note to import later with Final Cut? Evernote works quite fine with documents but it is not a competitor for DropBox or Drive. Why would you attach files to a note instead just drag the files to a filesystem folder like dropbox? @DTLow I really don't understand the kind of user of Evernote you are, did you ever try using other solutions?
  5. 100% agree with @Johnson Roberts. If I need to use Word for basic note taking I will save it in G.Drive or Dropbox because it works better for this. I also agree that Dropbox should clarify its plans so we can take good decission and not feel like waiting forever for basic features
  6. For complicated notes with table views and advance formatting I’m using OneNote. I don’t want to change Evernote either but what can I do? The only reasonable solutions are moving to other software or requesting a job in Evernote and implement the iOS tables myself ?
  7. Don’t lose your time with this. I tried every reasonable way to do it and the only way I found was switch to another software.
  8. Yep, so frustrating... It is the best solution in the market but with the worst tools. I also started to pay so many time ago... I started using Evernote in the university, and the first time I paid was because I need to have offline access to my notes of computer engineering. Now I´m a senior product manager and still paying for Evernote... I´ve seen the evolution from the product from a small and trendy startup to the moment they start to develope crazy stuff. For some time I think they had like a dozen of different apps in the App Store. Then they started with the workchat, and smart content in your notes (aka spam in your notes). Then the developers just started to scape from the company and I had to find a method to backup all my stuff because I was expecting that Evernote will close soon, but luckily they just changed the CEO... It´s a long story, I wonder why nobody had even a pair of weeks to include tables in iOS apps xD Even the editor of this forum is better than the editor of iOS...
  9. Do you mean Windows Evernote and Mac Evernote have different features, and do you find it normal and you agree with it? I just can't understand it.
  10. @DTLow if you had to find a workaround for inserting tables then you need tables. I pay to Evernote every month because I don't want to look for a workaround. I want a button which I press and a table appears. My job is not to hack the useless iOS editor of Evernote creating templates (which, by the way, doesn't exist as an Evernote feature but due to the users effort duplicating notes). The workaround I found for inserting tables was to use Microsoft One Note. We are not talking here about inserting mathematical formulas or spreadsheets. We are just talking about <table></table>.
  11. Really, I don’t understand what is Evernote doing. Doesn’t matter how much I effort using Evernote, I always finish frustrated with stupid thinks like this. Almost the same iOS editor in almost 10 years. Can anybody at Evernote please give me a clue about what are you doing in a normal workday? I think I’m done with Evernote. I will modify my workflow and I will start using other tools. And yes, this is just a message from a frustrated user that after 10 minutes trying to figure out how to inser a table in a note discovers it is not possible. A note taking app that not allows insert tables... I imagine taking notes is not the core business of Evernote...
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