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  1. Hello, I submitted my app to the App Center back in January and have been told many times that App Center submissions are on hold for an unknown amount of time. Could an update be given on when submissions will start to be reviewed again please? Thank you
  2. SneakAttaack

    Posting in API Discussion forum?

    Thanks Jeff, I missed that!
  3. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious, but how do I post in the "Evernote API Discussion" forum? In other forums I get a "Create New Topic" button, but not in the API forum. I posted in this forum a while ago, but now I can't find how to do it. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi, I would like to know if my webhook request has been requested successfully? Is there a way of knowing? I get the "We've received your request" popup after hitting the Submit button, but in the console window of Chrome i see an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined I've seen a few other posts regarding errors on this request form which say the problem has been fixed, but I'm a bit dubious as I've been waiting several days. Can anyone help? How long does it normally take for the webhook request to be actioned? TIA
  5. Hi, I'm starting out with the Evernote Windows SDK and I'm trying to progress my project to the next stage but I've become stuck. I understand that the SDK is separated into 2 parts, The regular SDK and advanced. According to https://github.com/evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-windows/blob/master/Working_with_the_Advanced_(EDAM)_API.md i need to add a reference to "EvernoteSDKAdvanced", but I can't find any other mention of this assembly nor can I find it in the SDK i downloaded. Could someone help me out please? TIA