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  1. Hi. It's unfortunate that 'undo' sometimes(?) doesn't work in these situations. If the content was important, you would be able to recover it from Note History if you upgraded to Premium - even for only one month. Alternatively if you had a recent backup of your database (recommended) or a system backup (also recommended) including the database it would be possible to restore your previous database, extract that original note, and copy/ paste the content into the current version. But it will be a time-consuming and technical exercise which may not be worth it for the sake of one note. Will you be able to re-create the content from memory and any other sources? I do back up notes but my last one was in February. I will try upgrade to premium for a month. I think this feature should be added to Evernote Plus as lot of people having issue with undo. You should not be asking user to upgrade to premium as a work around for a software glitch. Second, I can understand this kind of glitch (bugs). Another way is to find a pattern where this can potentially happen and beware users about it. e.g. 'hey seems like you have used some text and formatting from internet which might cause some feature to not work' etc.
  2. I have Evernote basic. I pasted some text on entire note instead of pasting at cursor location. It took few seconds, wheel kept spinning and it synced the note ! I could no longer do Undo and get my note content back. This is ridiculous.
  3. THis is Ridiculous! why do I need to buy premium for simple UnDO feature? This is a trick
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