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  1. My system is all tags-based. I have a 'Inbox' notebook for notes coming in, then once they're tagged they go to a Main notebook, or a business notebook. Then I have a set of @ tags like @Errand, @Phone, @Home etc for context. I have the bulk of my tags as reference tags so they all start with Ref, e.g. Ref Receipt, Ref School. Then for projects I start them with a dot. e.g. .Cruise 2017, .Tax 16/17 (the tax one I also have a Ref Tax 16/17 because I might want to refer back to previous tax years' notes. Project's that are done get prefix with 'Done'. Then the tag hierarchy helps also. All
  2. I'm a massive evernote fan, and use it on my home Mac, an Android phone and my Windows PC at work. One thing I'd love is if tag handling could be improved in EN for Mac. If I want to move tags around in the hierarchy, or rename them, I have to go into the Tags view on the Mac and do it from there. It'd be great if I could drag and drop right from the tree hierarchy in the left-hand side bar just like in EN for Windows. And if I could right-click a tag and rename it from there too. Apart from that minor annoyance, the app is amazing so keep up the good work! PS. Love the new Web clipper
  3. Totally agree with Anubha - this service rocks! Good work yoxel for finding it
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