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  1. My system is all tags-based. I have a 'Inbox' notebook for notes coming in, then once they're tagged they go to a Main notebook, or a business notebook. Then I have a set of @ tags like @Errand, @Phone, @Home etc for context. I have the bulk of my tags as reference tags so they all start with Ref, e.g. Ref Receipt, Ref School. Then for projects I start them with a dot. e.g. .Cruise 2017, .Tax 16/17 (the tax one I also have a Ref Tax 16/17 because I might want to refer back to previous tax years' notes. Project's that are done get prefix with 'Done'. Then the tag hierarchy helps also. All context tags are under a parent 'Context' tag. Project tags are under a parent 'Projects' tag which has children 'Active' and 'Inactive'. So all current projects are placed under the Projects > Active node. And that's about it. I've written some more about my system here.
  2. Ah ok gotcha. Maybe that's built-in functionality on the iPhone where it can create an event from a date? I'm a google calendar fan myself, and sometimes use the technique described by Michael to link EN information to a calendar entry.
  3. Saludos Ofoli, Primero recomiendo que checas que si estas usando el version mas reciente. EN han hecho muchos cambios con cómo funciona la camera últimamente. Yo lo acabo de probar, y no tenia ningun problema en tomar dos fotos (en formato de documento) en una nota. La llave es que no pongas click en la flecha antes de haber terminado de tomar todos los fotos. Derek.
  4. I don't believe there's any way to do that natively within EN. There are plenty of tools out there though to compare two blocks of text if that would be useful - e.g. https://www.diffchecker.com/, WinMerge
  5. Gareth, I'm interested in how the calendar / evernote integration works on your iPhone. I use an Android and EN on desktop - Windows at work and Mac at home. I've been using EN for a few years now, but I've never noticed any calendar integration. I know you can set reminders for notes, and you'll get an email on the day that note is due, but that's all the calendaring-type functionality there is as far as I'm aware. Do you mean notes with a reminder date then show up in your calendar? Or are you adding calendar entries to EN? Cheers, Derek.
  6. I'm a massive evernote fan, and use it on my home Mac, an Android phone and my Windows PC at work. One thing I'd love is if tag handling could be improved in EN for Mac. If I want to move tags around in the hierarchy, or rename them, I have to go into the Tags view on the Mac and do it from there. It'd be great if I could drag and drop right from the tree hierarchy in the left-hand side bar just like in EN for Windows. And if I could right-click a tag and rename it from there too. Apart from that minor annoyance, the app is amazing so keep up the good work! PS. Love the new Web clipper too, much more robust than the previous version.
  7. Totally agree with Anubha - this service rocks! Good work yoxel for finding it
  8. It appears you can get a new email addr is you like - Still, ideally it'd be a BCC option
  9. Evernote is extremely affordable. At $45pa ($1.25 saving off the month-to-month price) I think it's a bargain. To compare, Dropbox charges $120pa for their entry-level premium service. Obviously you get a lot more space, but Evernote is so much more than just storage space, basically they both offer a premium option, but EN is WAY cheaper. In fact if you look around, you'll be hard pressed to find any descent cloud storage service that comes in cheaper than EN. No matter what the price, you'll always find people complaining about it. But at the same time these people will spend the same amount in a very short space of time and not know where it went! Be it a night out, dinner, movies, a frivolous purchase in some store, kids toys. The thing is, people still don't seem to be prepared to part with much dough for an online service while they're happy to spend big in a bricks and mortar business. People, EN is a great service. If you love it - just pay your $45 and get into it. If it means you have to pull a few more hours in your casual job you have while not at uni, or put aside $10 a week for a few weeks first just do it. Sorry to go on, I hate trolls a much as anyone online, but I just get a bit annoyed when people aren't prepared to pay for a quality service while they spend up big elsewhere.
  10. I have my tags organised in a hierarchy much like files in windows explorer. It'd be cool if you could mark a tag as a 'placeholder' tag. ie. you can't actually use it when tagging a note, it's just created to make a hierarchy in the tags. Ideally it wouldn't even show up when you start typing the tag name - possibly one advantage of marking it a placeholder. Maybe you could then even allow duplicate tags if they are placeholders. Implementing it, I imagine you'd just have a tickbox in the dialog box that pops up when you create a new tag that you can tick if you want it to be a placeholder
  11. Yeah true. Interesting, I tried a test on my Windows PC to a yahoo address, with my evernote address in the to field, and I can see my evernote as a recipient in yahoo. anyway, it's a good work-around if I don't care if the recipient sees I also sent it to my evernote.
  12. I often use the send by email feature to send a note to someone. Once I do that, I generally want to track that email so I want to see it in my Evernote again so I can tag it appropriately. To do that, I cc myself, then go to my email and forward it back to Evernote. I think it'd be great to have the option to copy your Evernote account into an email you send, maybe just as a second tickbox where the 'CC me on this email' tickbox is. Just my 2 cents!
  13. Yeah good thinking - I was tempted after posting this but didn't, I'm gonna do it now.
  14. Hey all. Loving Evernote, I've been an avid user for almost a year now, almost 2500 notes and going strong! One thing I've found today though, when I select multiple notes, it hangs! It definitely didn't do this before as I've done this before to then merge notes and it worked fine. I did do an update the other day, I'm thinking that must have caused this glitch. Anyone else had this problem? Cheers, Derek.
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