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  1. I am trying to automate the importing of certain notes into Evernote through Tasker on Android. That part is not the problem, but rather, the limitations of the ENEX file import. Basically, I am trying to create reminders programmatically in the default "inbox" notebook. I've tried using Intent / CREATE_NEW_NOTE with populated fields but it pops up the interface, which is not needed. Indeed, when the system starts to lag, it created additional problems. So I'd like to avoid this method if it is at all, possible. I've created ENEX file for import, and used the intent / SEND and while that works and it even created a reminder, it went into a SEPARATE notebook called "Imported Notes", rather than into "Inbox". And searching through the DTD for ENEX shows nowhere to put in the GUID for Inbox. So basically this function is useless for creating reminders in the Inbox (!) So here's the main question: Is it POSSIBLE to specify which notebook to import into when using Intent / SEND and the Enex file? Checking both the DTD and API shows no field that can specify such. If this is NOT possible, how should one attempt to programmatically create reminders on Android via Tasker? Is Intent / CREATE_NEW_NOTE my only option? What EXTRA field should I pass to create a REMINDER? I assume it'd be REMINDERORDER? It's surely NOT mentioned on the Evernote Intent Page.
  2. Ended up borrowing a different intent from the widget, forced the QuicReminder to pop up, and stuffed its input with AutoInput through tasker. https://www.reddit.com/r/tasker/comments/3smw8j/refining_my_pet_evernoteautovoice_project/ Thanks a lot for the (lack of) help
  3. Ended up doing it with AutoShortCut to launch the reminder shortcut and AutoInput to stuff input into the dialog box. https://www.reddit.com/r/tasker/comments/3smw8j/refining_my_pet_evernoteautovoice_project/
  4. Apparently there is no specific intent to create a reminder instead of a note, because a reminder is actually a note with reminder properties. I found the attributes in struct:NoteAttributes reminderOrder reminderDoneTime (probably left blank) reminderTime (probably left blank) According to the API ( https://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Types.html) if I set the reminderOrder the note's considered a reminder, and by default I should just set it to TimeStamp (currentTime). However, the main note is set in struct:Note title content I checked the Android_intents documentation ( https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/android_intents.php) and there's part about EXTRA_TITLE, and EXTRA_TEXT that maps to title and content, I suppose. There doesn't seem to be any way to specify the noteAttributes I need to set through the Intents. So, can someone just tell me outright that it is NOT POSSIBLE to create a reminder through intents? Or is there a way to go through the Widget's Intents, or something? I found an intent in the widget called QUICKREMINDER (or something like that) but what do I pass to it? Is that documented anywhere?
  5. Kasey Chang

    Evernote reminder and tasker

    Not getting ANY replies over on Third-Party. Can somebody just give me the API call via Android.Intent to create a REMINDER in Evernote? With an example? Existing topics are about creating regular notes, not reminders, and the API itself doesn't list any intent related to reminders. If it's there, I can't find it, and I checked both here on Evernote website AND on Github. I got an intent from the widget but I need the full API for it (which is obviously NOT listed in the dev article here).
  6. Any body? The Dev forum don't want to talk about intents. Guess I'll have to repost over there if I don't hear anything here.
  7. Update: With AutoShortcut, I found the intent to open the quick_reminder rs#intent;action=com.evernote.widget.action.CREATE_NEW_QUICK_REMINDER However, I have no idea what is the parameter launchflags I know what's S.NOTEBOOK_GUID as I only use one and I can hard-code it. There's also a s.WIDGET_TYPE but that's not important. But this ultimately doesn't work that well. Where is this in the Evernote API documentation? How do I just directly create a reminder through INTENT? What do I pass along with the INTENT?
  8. Been redirected here after posting in the developer area (that Tasker is not considered a development environment...) Any way, any one can directly to a syntax on how to add a reminder to Evernote Reminder via Tasker on Android? I am pretty sure it had to do with calling the NEWNOTE intent, but parsing the API doesn't tell me how to create just a reminder by itself. Basically, I am trying to create something similar with "Remind me to..." except with Evernote reminder instead of Google's own reminder function with tasker. I have no problem with voice recognition. I have AutoVoice plug-in. But how do I... a) bring up the dialog box to add a "quick reminder" like the one in the widget... and specify what text to insert or forget the dialog box, just tell me how to trigger the activity or INTENT in Android, and specify what text to insert, and what parameter to include to make it a reminder, not a regular note. Anyone? The original post about intent and tasker was not that clear, and it was years ago.
  9. How do I add a reminder to Evernote with Tasker?