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  1. Kasey Chang's post in What's wrong with my Evernote Android 10.52.2 (1207769) was marked as the answer   
    Nothing here. And I live in San Francisco, so you'd think the updates would roll out here first! 
    And I've actually deleted the app and reinstalled, so as far as the device's concerned, that is the latest. 😕
    I think I found another datapoint, but this one is even more bizarre, and I can't do anything about.
    I have managed to purge my "Inbox" to 5000+ instead of 7000+ notes (it used to be 15000) by moving them to other folders. But it's taking forever. 
    So I want to get rid of it altogether... Export it, then reimport it into a fresh folder. It's an idea. 
    So I got it exported, and now, I can't delete the notebook. It's simply not possible. 
    However, that makes sense as that notebook is "shared" with my other EN account. I used to run a business, and I started that on a free EN plan. And I shared my Inbox with that account.
    I knew I had 3 variations of that email address, so I tried logging into all three, hoping one of them would let me get into that other EN account, but nothing. The problem with with Att.net, who outsourced mail server to Yahoo, and when I tried to log into that address via Yahoo, Yahoo wants to send a verification... to the mailbox I'm trying to access. Talk about a circular problem! 
    But any way, I think I've fixed it, and here's the solution. 
    * I renamed the Inbox (still with 5000+ notes) "OldInbox".
    * I created a new "Inbox" notebook and designated it the default notebook. 
    Now the widgets behave as expected, as the new "Inbox" (with no notes) takes only a moment to "process".  It's the 5000+ notes that choked it. 
    The sharing is annoying, and part of the problem, but just an ancillary issue, not the root cause. The root cause seems to be a bloated Inbox. 
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