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  1. ^^ that. Hierarchical arrangement is essential for knowledge-work and the tools should either be all the way there or not at all. Also, I read the suggestion above by @DTLow after my last post, and it's an idea I was thinking about as well... problem is, it's fine for documents you'd visit regularly like role/project docs, but for quick work where you just want to right-click and add a new note for something, now one has to open word, create new (or use the explorer context creation), save and name, attach... not a speedy process -- and the additional ram overhead with working with multiple such documents -- it would be better to just stay using ms word entirely. What's frustrating is the current text editing capability seems so close to being a good fit. It really is a pity, but based on the age of the thread it's probably not a good idea to hold one's breath.
  2. I've recently started to use these keyboard commands for much faster organization when tackling more complex tasks. It feels crippling to not have it there. For people who don't use it, imagine every time you tried to copy and paste the keyboard commands didn't work... These shortcuts are already sublimated into my outline maneuvering habits. No fun for power users. Makes evernote painful to use.
  3. Maybe off topic for the thread, but to spotlight why tag linking would be amazing, why not? ... Tried Asana but moved to Trello (both web and android apps, and found trello to win hands-down for my needs). Xmind and Simplemind for PC/Android respectively for mindmaps. Google keep (eek, the competitor, sorry!) for drop-bucket task management like errands, online orders -- with a nice widget on my phones/tablets to have that category/tag showing all the time for quick edits. Trello widgets are terrible, but the app is slick. (And of course, evernote for mobile reference/archiving as I mentioned). If evernote had tag linking in their desktop app and API, they would truly be an unstoppable elephant in the market.. IMO. Users could create their own dashboards that acted like launch points into their stored data and to-dos. 3rd party apps could be developed to compete with other UI's. Man. Seriously, I don't understand why that isn't a feature. Hope the app list was useful. Cheers.
  4. I've been watching this thread for over a year now - two years? Three? Being able to make a note as an index to organize tags and the like would make evernote so much more powerful -- and if extended to the API? Imagine the slew of UI-type apps that could be created. Heck, I would write one. If indeed the real money for the Evernote team is getting to charge people for a premium membership, how on earth would this feature not appeal to them? The more data people will put in their systems, the better, right? The more they use it, the more likely they will hit that monthly cap and want to upgrade, yes? I've since given up hope and moved on to other apps for productivity and now use evernote almost exclusively for mobile reference. It's really is a pity. Maybe someday. *sign*.
  5. +1 - and please add it to the API as well (if it isn't already) as I'd like to see some really awesome complimentary apps spring up.
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