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  1. Very poor position and response on custom fonts tells me Evernote chief designers are out of touch with development standards and makes me question investing any more of my future with Evernote. Having run large development groups for 30 years, I suggest new project leaders. This type of attitude about product design goes deep in whoever is in charge. They rarely change much. Evernote's future is in trouble.

    As a developer I know it can get very tricky to move lines up or down across different types of data... tables, indents, bullets of different types, etc. If I could simply get the ability to move like paragraph/bullet types up/down, it would be a great start.

    Been waiting for this for more than two years now.


  3. Appreciate the input and another vote to keep this request up in priority! We can hope it makes a difference.
  4. Re: not a word processing replacement.... Of course it's not a WP replacement, but myself and many other use it to create lists and record other types of thoughts. To prooritize lists or organize thoughts often requires us to move lines/paragraphs up/down in a note. With EN it requires selection of the text, CUT and then select target location and then PASTE. In other word/text processors a simple key combination IE MS Word you simply use SHIFT-ALT UP/DOWN to move the text. Evernote is lots of things to lots of people. Basic text/paragraph manipulation capabilities are considered standard in today's editors. EN is not keeping up with its competitors.
  5. H O W A B O U T I T E V E R N O T E ? A N Y R E S P O N S E ? I've done SW Tech support -- A non-answer usually means you're afraid to be honest? Is your response, Sorry, this is not currently on our list of planned enhancements/projects! --or- Our policy is not to respond to customers enhancement requests? ---- You would respond if it is something we can look forward to. A lack of response is pretty clear indication EVERNOTE is not a good long term solution for serious users. ------------------------------ Any other users watching this? Please continue reiterating this request so it does not appear it is no longer important due to lack of interest.
  6. This feature will generate a significant amount of good will and enthusiasm from the existing customer base. It should be a reasonably small development effort with good payback! For the relatively small effort in development it will save us users thousands of hours in frustration and time in avoiding editing lists THE OLD FASHIONED WAY! Please, please do this.
  7. Use this feature in Microsoft Word to get a great experience of how it works. Open a MS Word document. Create a list of anything. While editing any line/paragraph in the list Use SHIFT-ALT-UPARROW to move a line up in the list, SHIFT-ALT-DOWN to move it down. An amazing timesaver virtually everyone has use for in everyday editing
  8. Still waiting for this important feature. What if everyone that has asked for this in the past (on this thread) responds again so we can impress upon the developers it is very important to us. It does not seem so compelling to those who have not used it - probably because they are not aware of it.
  9. Using ALT-SHIFT (UP/DOWN) ARROW in MS Word is the single most important feature I use. Other's I've shared this tip with love it! Imagine using it in a shopping list and putting your cursor on any line and simply pressing this key combination to move the item up and down in your list. One great benefit in my writing is that it frees me from having to worry about the order I use when keying in bullet point lists. Any order will do -- then I just move things around. This is a huge timesaver and being a developer, It's a big-bang feature for Evernote for a pretty small effort. Maybe the Evernote developers could try it in their own writing/development. Works for moving lines of Code up and down as well. I'm sure they would fall in love with it quickly. ______________________________________________________________________________ M i c r o s o f t O n e N o t e . . . <<<Note: MS OneNote has this feature and it has made me consider switching away from Evernote to just to have this ability back >>> _____________________________________________________ As a development requirement: here is what I would write: EPIC: Add a keyboard key combination that allows a line or paragraph to be moved above or below the current on. ALT-SHIFT-UP-ARROW to move a paragraph upALT-SHIFT-DOWN-ARROW to move a paragraph downSince lines in a list are essentially paragraphs, this feature will work for moving paragraphs or linesShould be able to move lines through/above/below other formatting features such as titles, subtitles, tablesWould be nice to move items within a table this way as well, but that can be added latter (MS Word/OneNote allows this)All the user need do to use this feature is to put the cursor anywhere within the line/paragraph to be moved. That is, there should be no requirement to select the line to move it.A future item would be to allow moving selected groups of lines up/downLines are typically identified by CRLF type characters or items within HTML <P>xxx</P> tagsUse MS Word or MS OneNote to play around with this feature to see how it might work. MS Excel also has similar abilities.
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