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  1. Having the ability of a service that allows users to have all of their notes physically in a spiral notebook after typing them. There could be organizing options for tabs/sectioning, and blank page options too for addition.
  2. I go through this ***** all the time and it's from hard pressing the text for copying elsewhere. ITS GLITCHY POPS UP FOR A SPLIT SECOND AND GOES AWAY. How the hell is there no shake to undo feature or a stupid undo button like a computer has?! drives me freaking nuts and I've had enough!!!! SERIOUSLY IM FREAKING DONE WITH YOU EVERNOTE. YOU AND YOUR ELEPHANT CAN PISS OFF. DID YOU FORGET THAT PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES?! Elephants never drop peanuts!! YEAH ***** YOU ELEPHANT YOU CAN'T PICK THAT UP. YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO ACCIDENTALLY DROP YOUR FOOD YOU STARVE!! IF YOU WERE IN SCHOOL YOUD FAIL BEVAUSE OF IMPORTANT THINGS YOU SPENT A LOT OF TIME TYPING YOU DUMBASS BIG EARED IDIOT.
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