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  1. I am using Evernote 7.14, on mac OS High Sierra. The misunderstanding apparently stems from my using an older version of Evernote. I think at the time of my original post on how to not include the annotation summary, the advice I gave was current and correct, and if you are still using Evernote 7.14,, the advice I gave was correct, and still is.
  2. Thank you Sayre. That is just what I am trying to explain to Gameguyr. if he doesn't think the option exists, try annotating any Evernote pdf. When you are annotating, look down at the bottom of the annotating window, the checkbox for the option to include the annotation summary will be there. I could clip any .pdf note in Evernote, and post the screen shot, if Gameguyr does not believe it.
  3. The annotation summary checkbox is not in the general preferences. it is at the bottom of the note that is being annotated. If you don't want to include the annotation summary uncheck the box. The checkbox should be visible when editing the entire note as a .pdf.
  4. I have this issue also. I hope Evernote fixes this problem in an update. I have many thousands of notes. Fixing the TOC manually would take an extremely long time, and new notes would still have the problem.
  5. If you want to annotate your note, but do not want the summary of your annotations included with your note do this: While you are in annotation mode, look down at the bottom of the annotation window, and uncheck "Include Annotation Summary" I wish you could select for this from Evernote general preferences.
  6. To Remove Annotation Summary Do This: While in Annotation mode, look down at the bottom of the annotation window, and uncheck "Include Annotation Summary" I think that rather than have this be something that needs to be unchecked to remove the annotation summary, it ought to be a choice to include by default, or not, in the general preferences, or somewhere in the main preferences, and it seems to me that it was in the preferences in prior versions of evernote... I looked through all the evernote preferences and did not find it, and I might be mistaken in this.
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