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  1. I was excited by your suggestion because I realized I have been copying the setup from my old tables so I created a new table using the new Evernote windows app. Still did not work. Thanks for all your suggestions and time assisting me on this matter... I'm letting it go for now, I'm sure someone somewhere will discover the same problem and it will eventually be fixed in one of the future updates.
  2. Thank you for your detailed instruction which I followed... The menu option I have is "set to note width" which I tapped and then tried it again a few more time... still the same problem.. I'm almost sure I am not the ONLY one with this problem...
  3. Thanks for the assistance. But I must have missed doing a simple step or adjustment because I still cannot fix this issue for myself. I have attached a screenshot of my note taken from my windows desktop with the latest version of Evernote. I am also attaching 2 screenshots of the same note taken from my mobile devices (iOS and Android).
  4. I'm using Evernote on all the possible platform. I've been using legacy client, but have installed the new evernote desktop client because I want to try the task feature. I also have Evernote on my MacBook and iphone. I also have it on my desktop computer and android phone. In the legacy version of evernote, I can "narrow" down the table to the "screen-width" of my mobile phone so I won't have to scroll from left to right. I only have to scroll down for more information. This has been working out for me for a while now... but with the new Evernote desktop client, once I inserted a PDF file inside the table, the table-width expands by itself and can no longer be narrowed down to my preferred "screen-width.
  5. I really do not understand how this feature has been missing all these years when they know there has been numerous requests for it?
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