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  1. Hi there, When I'm done scanning pages into a multi-page document, I sometimes need to rearrange the ordering of the pages. It would be nice if Scannable could allow page reordering by dragging on the "summary screen" that shows all of the scanned pages. Thanks, - Lee-Ping
  2. Hi there, Scannable is a great app which turns my phone into a scanner on the go. I'm a university professor and I'm using this app to sort all of my notes. I hope that Evernote continues to develop this app. The majority (but not all) of my use cases involves scanning multiple pages of known and consistent size (e.g. letter paper, but sometimes with slightly different (but still uniform) dimensions like in the case of a notebook). In these cases, Scannable should allow the user to specify the page size, which would produce a higher quality and more consistent PDF. Attached is an example document consisting of two letter pages that I scanned by placing on a wooden table in a well-lit room. I scanned every page in a consistent way; notice how the output PDF has page 1 much smaller than page 2, although they should be the same size. I used Preview's "PDF printer" to standardize the page size, but that adds an extra step to the workflow. Let me know what you think. Thanks, - Lee-Ping Scannable Document on Aug 31, 2015, 4_20_09 AM.pdf
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