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  1. Hi, the new version is soo bad. It is slow (not as slow as the ios version), but it is slow. Where are the settings? No tab-support, no multiple windows ... Can not open more than one Evernote-Window. No copy and paste for tags. The app always opens in a small window. I have to maximize it after every start. So, can not use Evernote on iOS and on macOS. I got no premium support. Still no answer after several days of waiting. I canceled my subscription. Bye bye Evernote after 12 years. I use Joplin since the iOS-Update. It works fine. Best regards
  2. So, no update since thursday. Evernote is my most important app. I have exported all my notes to Joplin. I will not renew my premium subscription. Goodbye evernote. I have used it since 2008. :-(
  3. I have the same issue with the latest version. I have 6 windows with 18 tabs on 6 spaces open. Maybe this is too much? Best regards Kay
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