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  1. I appreciate that the search results by default highlight your search text. But I often am searching for a note that I want to send to someone as a screenshot, or post as a screenshot to social media, and I'd like the ability to turn off the highlighted text--it presents a distraction, and looks amateurish: In the old version, I believe that opening the note to edit it would dispel the highlighting--acceptable as a workaround for the lack of a dedicated "turn off highlighting" command. But that's not true of the new version. There doesn't seem to be any way to make the highlighting go away. Is that accurate? Has anyone found a workaround? (I'm sometimes resorting to doing a second search on an obscure phrase in a note just so there will be *less highlighting*.
  2. I'm having a variety of problems with this update (I'm running 10.1). Half the time the app won't even launch (it just loads the elephant icon and hangs there). When I'm able to get the app to load, and I attempt a search, results sometimes seem to blink in and out chaotically--"suggested searches" will appear momentarily, then disappear, then be replaced with a blank screen or a spinning "gear" icon, and only then will it supply results. These problems sound potentially identical to the ones VDo has mentioned above--"bugs [appearing] when trying to download offline notebooks. With offline notebooks on, I started to experience many app crashes, search freezes, impossibility to access a note, clicking on a note to open it appears blank. I had no such issues when using online notebooks only." I use offline notebooks, but am not sure whether the app is currently trying to download those notebooks or not.
  3. Thanks so much! I'm in the process of backing up my (huge?) com.evernote.Evernote folder now. Surprised to see it's 11 GB, but maybe that's normal.
  4. The upgrade in this case did make a difference, thank goodness.
  5. I'm thinking of going back to an older build of Evernote (5.7.1) on my work computer to get around a minor but recurring annoyance. I have the file for the build that I want, but I know that to reinstall I'll need to do a full uninstall of Evernote on this computer. I know it's a bit more tricky than just deleting the icon from Applications (there are database files here and there that need removal, if I recall correctly). I seem to remember finding instructions on how to do a full uninstall in this forum once before, but I've tried a handful of different searches and am not turning up anything. Does anyone have a lead on this? Thanks.
  6. I have noticed that the typing lag continues (in a possibly lessened form) even when my Wi-Fi is off, which makes me wonder if the syncing actually is the issue. Anyone else having typing lag issues? I do note that the release notes for 7.7 say "you can now type faster than ever," I wonder if upgrading will help? (I'm hesitant to upgrade as you never quite know whether you're going to get a nasty surprise with whatever fixes you get.)
  7. I'm running Evernote 7.6 on a Mac running Mojave. I've noticed that Evernote functionality has begun to slow down while the app syncs. I'm a pretty speedy typist, and, while I'm typing a note, Evernote will frequently try to sync the note as I'm editing (I'm not sure that there's a formal answer to the question of how often the Mac client will try to sync, but my experience says it's somewhere around every 3-5 seconds when it detects that editing is happening). This used to be no problem, but now it will cause a delay in the entered text being rendered on the screen, which makes it annoying to type--you have to pause and wait a second to get visual feedback that you've typed everything correctly. Doing this dozens of times in a notetaking session is...annoying. It's grown annoying enough that I'm beginning to consider workarounds (like turning off the wi-fi when I'm doing a lot of editing, or creating a local notebook to work in and then batch-copying everything to my regular notebook). But... entering non-formatted text in a simple, small note should be probably the most lightweight, everyday task for a robust notetaking app, and if Evernote can no longer handle it without little moments of choking, that's... really a problem. I believe Windows users have a feature where they can set Evernote to sync only after a certain number of minutes has gone by--does the Mac version have the ability to mimic this functionality? Alternately, have other people noticed this lag problem? I'm rather hopeful that it's a problem specific to my current setup, and that it could be fixed with some troubleshooting? Would love to compare notes on this against other folks...
  8. Hm, what a hassle. That seems like the corrupted bit is in your underlying database (rather than in the text index), which would explain why the text reindexing doesn't work as a permanent fix. Thus, you might want to rebuild the database from scratch (rather than just reindexing). It's been a few years since I've had to do that, but the last time I had to do that I archived the instructions here. You might want to hunt around to see if those instructions have changed for more recent versions of the app....
  9. Hi TiaKara. How many notes do you have, and how long do you wait before restarting the "Full Text Search index?" I recently found that, with a large database, it can take nearly a week for the database to fully rebuild, and the process shouldn't be restarted before that's all the way done.
  10. I've had a minor (but annoying) issue with Evernote's implementation of font families for a while now. Using the font menu under "Preferences > Formatting" I have set my font to Archer Book (18 point). It's a nice, readable font. However, Evernote sets my fonts in a different font from the same family (typically, Archer Semibold 18). I've had to turn the font off (using FontBook) to prevent this behavior. Similarly, if I have Archer Bold Italic activated on my computer, Evernote will choose to italicize using that font rather than the expected result of Archer Book Italic (which is what I actually want), so I have to turn Archer Bold Italic off in the system as well. It's a bit annoying to have those fonts unavailable (especially if I actually want to set something in an Archer bold face). I wondered if this was akin to the (never answered) problem that user Robertson was having in this thread (trying to get Light rather than Regular to implement).
  11. I'm not sure I'd say they were "improved," but they were what was expected (in the end, they matched search results done on mobile app or on other computers).
  12. We made it! For the record, my experience with how long the full re-index took matches user Monique Reta's above--about a week.
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