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  1. Regarding the lag, I noticed looking at the EN activity log and task manager, each time you click on a note to view you get a "Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe" in the activity log and in task manager you see one EvernoteSubprocess being killed and replaced with a new one (different PID). This doesn't happen with a prior version (Still have it installed on another computer).
  2. Here is a bug I would like to see fixed. It has been around a while I think. When you paste an image into a note (via clipboard). You can never click the @ button (to edit/crop/annotate) the image without clicking away from the note into another note then clicking back. Clicking the @ button just does nothing until to click away then back.
  3. One minor bug to report. When tagging a single note, pressing the Tab key will auto-complete the selected tag (if it already exists). However, when tagging multiple notes, pressing the Tab key does nothing and forces the user to select the existing tag with the mouse.
  4. I made a copy of the note, added a few blank lines after the encrypted icon, and it then responded on double-click with the prompt. Then did the same with the original note and it works correctly. Chalk it up to some unique note issues.
  5. I have noticed in the latest Beta that double clicking on an encrypted text icon no longer prompts for the password to decrypt. Using the right-mouse button (Show encrypted text) still works however.
  6. I would "almost" be OK with this behavior if the user was allowed to alter the header styles. As it is now, there is no "style" support in the editor and as such it is grossly inconsistent and frustrating.
  7. I have noticed that if a web source document has any text with h1/h2 type tags (i.e. headers), then those are tags are retained on paste and match style, thus they show up with much bolder text. You can see this by exporting the EN note as a web page, and see the tags are retained.
  8. I had read the extra margin on the left was due to the new table editor. One nice feature of the margin is it allows you to shift-click and drag down selecting entire rows of text, which you couldn't easily do in prior versions. It makes is much easier to cut/paste/move sections of text around. I do agree that it seems larger than necessary however.
  9. I have noticed this prompt continuity come up when dropping files in a note in the latest beta. It is annoying enough for a paying customer to have to continually dismiss this, but to make matters worse, the prompt doesn't not show up on TOP of other apps (i.e. it is hidden) and it has a full grab on the enote app. So it looks like enote is frozen until you realize there is a prompt hidden somewhere that has to be dismissed.
  10. I reported a pretty annoying bug (to me anyway) in the last two betas here and here, it has to do with saving file attachments where existing files are blindly overwritten. Prior versions of EN would ask to overwrite first. Asking is pretty standard behavior. Maybe three times is charm to get it fixed. Can't be much of an effort to fix it. Also, will you please have the courtesy to not spam plus users with ads to upgrade to EN Premium (such as document search). If I wanted/needed premium I would certainly purchase it.
  11. I saw similar behavior where on one node (home desktop) I enabled demand sync after updating (not really know what it was), I then made a change to a note (adding an attachment), then after I got to work I noticed the attachment wasn't there on the work version (also on latest beta but not demand sync enabled). I was able to pull it off my phone, so I know it was in the cloud. After I got back home and turned off demand sync and haven't seen the issue since.
  12. Using 6.5.3 Beta 2 there are a couple bugs/issues I am seeing on three different Windows 10 boxes: 1. When saving an attached file from a note to the local disk I am not prompted to overwrite an existing file. It just blindly overwrites an existing file (using Save As dialog...) This started happening in Beta 1. In prior version it would ask to overwrite first. 2. Instant Sync doesn't seem to be working very "instantly" like it was in prior versions (even though it is enabled). Seems like it is only syncing on the interval set in Synchronize Automatically settings. Cheers
  13. I found one bug in the 6.5 Beta 1 on Windows. One use I have for evernote is for saving excel file attachments to move to different computers. Previously, when a file attachment was downloaded to the computer from a note (RMB Save as...), and a targe file with the same name existed, you were prompted to overwrite the file. With the beta, the file is blindly overwritten. Not sure if this is intentional but I like to be prompted if I am overwriting a file.
  14. I have home set as my default notebook and I routinely like to go through and assign new notes with either tags or different notebooks using a search like -tag:* notebook:home to show all untagged notes in my home notebook. However, this no longer works in 6.x beta. The -tag:* is working but the notebook selection isn't (I have to manually select the Home notebook and only use the -tag:* in search). Also, will there be a way to save searches in 6.x?.
  15. One of the things that has always frustrated me about EN (on windows) was in the text editor there is no margin area on the left that lets you select entire rows of text (ala MS Word and nearly ever text editor). I use the text editing function quite a bit and move around text and not having this capability really slows me down. I was hoping for this feature to make it into the new version and although the left margin is indeed larger than the 5.x version the capability doesn't exist. Otherwise I echo what others have said about using a little color to separate some of the user elements. Although I do like the improved user interface. Keep up the good work!
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