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  1. Wow! Thank you very much for the tips n tricks.
  2. Hello, I am really excite about the template feature that Evernote recently added. However, I still use my old way of manually create template (e.g. create a note, then copy/duplicate that note). The reason Evernote's Template doesn't work for me is because note's tag doesn't included with the template. For example, suppose I have a template called "Point to ponder", I would like it to have some tags (e.g. #opinion, #idea, #meditation, etc.). Is that possible? My idea of implement that features in Evernote is having an option either when creating the template or when using that template,
  3. @TK0047 Thank you very much for your opinion. I spend about an hour this morning setting up a structure that I use in Evernote. I have to say it works quite O.K. I think it is more structure than Evernote, although that can be good or bad depend on how you like to organize thing. The downside is it is a little bit slower to load note than Evernote. You also can have only one type of item per line e.g. can't have Toggle To Do list, etc. Anyway, I think it is very promising.
  4. @DTLow by the way, can we downgrade Evernote for Android?
  5. By the way, currently, I find that Notion.se is a little limit on what I can put on each item in the note (e.g. only one color text, etc.) Their template solution is good.
  6. I agree with you on both the bug and suicide features. For the suicide features, I doesn't use them. For the bug, this is annoying. What I means when I wrote "trying to add new suicide features." is they should spending their time fixing the bug and make the app work as it should, first. Oh, by the way, I am not a native speaker, so please pardon me if my message are confusing. LOL
  7. Thank you for your comment. I do use Evernote as a GTD tools as well as simple note. Everything that I use Evernote for is already support in Evernote. The problem is many of these features has bug and doesn't work correctly. For example, search note doesn't work with non-space-between-word language or the save search problem on Android (that I mention above). I've report the issue to the developer but get no update on whether they do care to fix it or not. Frankly speaking, I still think that Evernote is a very good tool. If only they fix the bug to make it works as it should i
  8. Hello, I'm quite a long time Evernote user. However, recently I find that it is hard to be productive on Evernote. Save search work incorrectly on Android (I know that logout and login will solve this issue, but have to do this a few time a day is too bad), can't set what image to use as a note's thumbnail, and much more. I just find out today that there is a new service, called Notion.So. Gonna give it a try but would like to know the opinion of others who have test it. Thank you in advance.
  9. @Natt P. I wonder if Evernote gonna do anything about the issue. The workaround that I used is: At the very bottom of the note, I have a line called "keywords" with I format with a very light grey color. I copy the whole note and paste it into the little program that when paste a Thai message to it, it will break each word with space. For example, if I paste "ไปเรียนก่อน", it will convert to "ไป เรียน ก่อน". I then copy the converted message and paste it in the keywords section However, I stop doing this because it is a very tedious work and it waste HD space.
  10. One solution that may work is to have a prefix that tell Evernote search differently. Another is to have an option in preference to set the prefer search method. I think the first one is easier since it doesn't have affect on those who doesn't use it, for example searchinword:"some word".
  11. Hello DTLow, Thank you very much for your solution. I find that it is very useful, especially for the backup purpose. However, for a day to day usage, it is inconvenience. Hopefully, Evernote team will come up with a solution. By the way, I have try it on alternative note taking tool and it works. I've try this in Google Keep and it find the note as it should. (The note contain 1 sentence: "วันนี้ฉันให้แซมซ่อมคอมพิวเตอร์ของฉัน"). I also try at simple note and it also find the note.
  12. Hello, I encounter a problem with how Evernote implement note search: it search from the start of the word (I guess it use space as a word separator). For example: If note no. 1 has a word "ant" and note no. 2 has a word "important". When I search for "ant", it will find one note (Note no. 1). This is the way it should be and it make sense. However, in some language (in my case Thai), we doesn't use space to separate word. For "cute girl", it is "เด็กผู้หญิงน่ารัก" in Thai (cute = น่ารัก, girl=เด็กผู้หญิง). So, when I search for "น่ารัก", it will not find the
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