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  1. I see. Thank you for your response. For mine, I had ever tried to use Tag feature to record my notes' keywords , just similar to you. However, after did that for a while, I gave up as I found out that Tags would make no sense and useless if I cannot remember them! (which is too much to remember) So, what I can only do now is waiting for the improvement of the search feature. Hope that it could work as good as Mac Spotlight Search. @Austin G Any update on this ticket?
  2. Even though my crew and I are very happy with the UX of note taking, we also find this same issue as our major pain point too. As we are using Evernote as our center knowledge base, we have high concern on an accurate search function. I'll be waiting for the updated solution. Thank you in advance. (Hope my voice helps speed up this ticket ) By the way, have you found some other best workaround for this issue, @Wvit ?
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