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  1. 13 minutes ago, jefito said:

    That is not how issue tracking (for bugs, feature requests, etc.) works. Issues are collected from whatever sources are available (internal bugs from QA, external sources like this forum, twitter, etc.) and stored in a database (not sure which one that Evernote uses, but there are many of them), prioritized (generally by severity, but new features -- for example Spaces -- can get priority boosts if they are deemed important by management), and then worked on according to the calculated priorities and available developer resources. Issues are generally not discarded, even if they are considered to be somehow unfixable (e.g. can't be reliably reproduced) or not in line with a company's view of what their software should be. Non-trivial applications, like Evernote, often have large bug backlogs (everywhere I've worked has, that's for sure). There are strategies for dealing with these, but if your resources are finite, then something needs to give.

    yes, this is the way it should work and - I assume - is working within EN (fingers crossed!).

    I actually don't want to stir this (unproductive) discussion further and we all certainly understand that resources are finite but I guess EN needs to accept to take some (paying) customers' comments like that if he/she feels like the product gets worse and time is lost by working around not-trivial bugs.

    For me, EN is an important tool in my workflow next to Outlook and Firefox. The clipping bug or the issues with PDFs cost me hours of time to go around - which makes me angry as everything worked fine before and it seems to take a long time until things are fixed. And the most annoying is that there is no reliable GA version to go back to but what feels being poisened to stick with the betas to fix bugs (just to get other bugs). Seems a vicious circle.

  2. 11 hours ago, Jon/t said:

    Thanks for the info... lets hope they fix it... a right PITA at the moment.

    Yesterday and today I've clipped over 100 pages to do with a course I'm sitting and only the ones with HTML tables appear blank..... this may help devs debug it.

    EG: this link gives me a blank page in the Windows app.


    I already reported this bug in 6.9 but no response. Although I did not realize that the note is only not shown on Win but shows on iOS, etc.. I thought EN clipped an empty note...

    It seems that everything that is said in the 6.9 thread is going to the bin once there is a new version / thread opened... That would also explain why EN is getting worse and worse instead of better and better.

  3. 11 minutes ago, EdH said:

    Hmmm... i've not noticed it before. Both of these were PDF files, which is what I normally dump in there.

    Will be paying more attention to this from now to have some "statistics" but I have this regularly. With pictures and PDFs it seems more sporadic than with office docs or txt files but it's there:)

    I'd say for at very least 6 months if not much longer. After a heavy duty work day, the next morning it's one of my morning coffee routines to clean up the incoming dublicates haha

  4. 7 hours ago, EdH said:

    Has anyone noticed that even if you have Evernote set to delete a file when it imports from a folder, it isn't always deleted? I've seen this 2 times now in the past week.

    Yes, having this issue quite often. EN usually imports the file again the next time it restarts and usually erases it then... IMHO it happens more often with MS office documents (doc/xls) but that is just a gut feeling.

    This bug also exists for a long, long time.


    EDIT: for doc/xls docs it is possible that the file is not erased if "save as" into the import folder. That would have a certain logic as the file is still open in Word/Excel then. But I also had "drag n drop" PDFs, etc which have not been erased.

  5. 9 hours ago, EdH said:

    The thing is, they could release all of these new features in beta and leave them in beta for months while removing bugs. Microsoft Teams was available for 6 months before release as a beta. The OneDrive for Business client using consumer sync code was in beta for nearly a year before going to widespread release. MS was active in promoting both of them to get widespread usage, but warned it was pre-release. Heck, MS took out a full page ad in the NY Times trolling Slack when Teams was released in beta (debating the wisdom of that is for another thread) so it was out there and in the news that Teams was available for testing and use, it just wasn't ready for general release.

    Evernote chooses not to do this. They release it into general availability along with dozens and dozens of reported bugs that they don't bother fixing, or introducing new bugs, or reintroducing old bugs.

    I don't understand it. I recently quit testing the iOS version because they shut down the discussion threads for the iOS client which meant for those bugs, you couldn't even discuss with others and look for workarounds or ways to avoid them.

    EN actually has that "I want BETAs" option. So perfect for testing.

    The funny thing is that I actually wanted to opt-out of using betas but as the GA versions were as buggy, one is poisened to stick with beta hoping to get working versions faster...

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  6. 2 hours ago, gazumped said:

    I'm running FF59.0.1 64bit with Clipper 6.13.2 installed on 17 Jan but have no issues.  AFAIK Clipper is an independent install from which ever app store your browser of choice favours.  Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it?

    the extension "seems to have recovered" today. I don't know why as the only thing that happened were a couple of reboots. Fingers crossed it keeps working now and if not, I try to figure out what cause this behavior. Odd.

    Thanks for your help anyway

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  7. 6 hours ago, jefito said:

    Are you sure about that? I normally use Chrome, but do keep Firefox installed, and the web clipper is not available on FireFox for me. To get that, I'd need to install the Evernote web clipper extension. The screenshot clipper is certainly installed with the Evernote application, but that's not the same thing (as you probably know).

    I haven't made a fresh install in a long time, so I'm not sure if the FF extension is installed with EN today. It, of course, could be a coincidence that the extension AND desktop versions break the same day.

    Naive question: where do I complain about / get help for the extension then? :)

    EDIT / follow up:

    my FF says the extention was updated last on 17th January. So there was no change in the extension recently. So either some "interference" with the desktop app broke it or FF59. Does anybody has problem with FF59 and the extension?

  8. 11 hours ago, jefito said:

    It may have killed it for you, but it's not universal. It's working fine for me. Note that the web clipper isn't part of the Windows application; it's an external web app; on Chrome, it's an extension. As far as I know, the web clipper extension doesn't communicate directly with the native Evernote application; it's all via the Evernote servers.

    Fair enough. Firefox updated relatively recently to 59 and it could be related to their release. Nevertheless, AFIAK the EN win app and webclipper are delivered together and therefore it should be an issue for this thread (even if communication between desktop app and webclipper seems not possible anymore - it used to be optional).

    I'm a rather heavy user of the webclipper and I could swear the trouble started with the installation of this EN release. The whole webclipper is extremly laggy. It takes a long time to load, it needs minutes to load the tags, even opening the options panel takes a loooooong time. Webclipper was never working particularly fast for me / my system but if I have to wait for 1-2 minutes until tags are loaded, etc. it's not what I would call a productivity tool;) No joking: I'm reading the news while trying to clip 2-3 pages at the moment!!! (fails most of the time)

  9. 13 hours ago, ej8899 said:

    Alt-Control-Delete, then select task manager. 
    Under the processes tab you should see two Evernote processes in the list - Evernote Clipper and Evernote 32 bit. 
    Right-Click and then select End-Task.  You should be able to start Evernote again after that.

    That's what I usually do to kill the process but afterwards EN doesn't start again (when doubleclicking the EN icon or choosing out of start menu).

    It might be possible that there is another (2nd) EN process running somehow blocking the restart. Will be extra careful next time and doublecheck.

  10. as the EN crashes wouldn't be annoying enough: does anybody know how to restart EN after a crash WITHOUT having to restart Win10?

    This version also seems to have killed the webclipper - it opens but "save" is not clickable for minutes and it takes a number of minutes until it - surprisingly - starts clipping (under heavy load in FF59) - to finish with "no internet connection". 

    People here already complained about the way the software is tested and why untested versions are published. I don't think things are getting better if a BETA 3 is rushed as GA because the last GA was buggy... Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?


  11. 42 minutes ago, Henrik_K said:

    Doesn't the little down-load button at the top of the pdf preview frame work for you? This should download the file to a destination of your choice with one click of the mouse (or touchpad :-))

    My workaround: download the respective pdfs (from different notes if necessary) into a temp folder on my desktop, than drag all these files into the Outlook email.

    Still a workaround though, and I fully support your view that scrolling through notes has become very cumbersome with the new preview feature...

    correct & yes, that seems to be the agreed "fastest workaround" here  :)

    But I think we all are also agreeing that this is something that is nothing we should have to do in 2018 where we can quickly flick a file from our mobiles to PC/MAC/etc. It's especially tragic the workaround is necessary within EN.

    I read somewhere that EN changed to a Chrome PDF viewer to cut development costs compared to its earlier proprietary solution. To a degree understandable but I don't see how annoyed paying subscribers - or worse: guys using the free account! - are helping EN...

  12. 9 hours ago, NikolayS said:

    I see this issue persists for a few months and EN is not willing to fix it. We just need another icon on the top of the preview to be able to drag the file. that's it

    yes, and one icon to open in external viewer!

    Ideally actually the option to go back to the old system with the new icons...

    10 hours ago, CalS said:

    Another option is to right click in the PDF, Save As to the desktop, drag to destination, delete from desktop.

    this might actually be the faster workaround

  13. I'm actually using the icon/attachment for DnD (and a 10 year old mouse ;) )  and not the preview. So there must be some bug as I just updated another PC and see the same behavior.

    I also cannot DnD pictures in this version anymore (DnD worked with 6.7.5?) - but copy and paste works with pictures and PDFs (as attachment) in 6.10.1.

    Fingers crossed this can be fixed!! Thx for your help!


    PS: the problem with the new PDF preview and laptops/touchpads is that it is cumbersome to go to the right position in the note (small screen!) to scroll up/down. And I doubt many people really want to read a pdf in such a small frame. The old solution with double-click to open in external viewer was much more practical and intuitive.

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  14. 1 hour ago, gazumped said:

    The PDF preview is an picture of the PDF file already opened in another application - the editor module - which can't be added to an email directly. 

    I can do it in three or four clicks -

    • Right click preview and select 'view as attachment'
    • Left click attachment icon and drag to compose window
    • Right click icon again and untick 'view as...' to go back to preview

    - you could use Phrase Express or some other text expander app to automate that process into one command key action.

    If you wish to attach several files to an email from one note it's also possible to right click the note title in the index window and choose 'Save Attachments' which will put the files on your desktop.  The top of the preview window also has an option to 'download' an individual PDF which will give you a standard 'where should I put this file?' window.  I normally choose the desktop so it's easy to clean up my processed files later.

    @gazumped  Super, thank you for your help and comments - sadly, that is what I'm already doing at the moment but

    1. drag and drop is not working for me (Outlook 2016 on Win10, EN 6.10.1) (it pastes some internal link) and

    2. it feels like a bug working this way and not like a productivity tool. The opposite. I usually need a couple of pdfs from a couple of different notes - it's just frustrating firstly scrolling through the new pdf previews (try it on a smaller laptop screen w/ touchpad!!! Terrible!), finding the right pdf and then doing the "View as attachment", copy, go to outlook, paste, go back to Evernote, make "view as", search for next note and start over again. By the time I have added a few pdfs, I actually forgot what I had to write in that email:P

    But why is "copy" (right click on PDF) not working in EN? And why is there a "copy" button if it is not doing anything? :wacko::blink:

    It's 2018 and if a productivity tool like EN needs a workaround(!) for pasting a doc out of a note into an email (or anywhere else), I think it is a major design flaw :(

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  15. 14 minutes ago, JMichaelTX said:

    You might try this:  Drag the attachment icon from the EN Note to the Outlook header section of a new compose window.

    This works for Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.12.6, but I can say for sure with EN Win.

    No, this dragging doesn't work for me (Win10, 6.9.2) - but I remember this worked on earlier versions with the attached pdfs. :angry:

    But my point is that I do not like to work with attached pdfs but like the preview.

    Actually, the good old fashioned pdf preview with a reliable option to copy the file into clipboard to paste in Outlook & Co would be perfect. I don't see much value in the new viewer as it always disturbs my workflow.

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  16. Hi,

    with Evernote it ever had be a problem to copy a file (especially PDFs) from a note into a MS Outlook email. "Sometimes" it worked with the copying the file in the preview view but usually, one had to go for "Show PDF as attachment" and then copy and paste into Outlook and then go back to Evernote and switch on the PDF preview again.

    Since Evernote come with the new preview working with PDFs is even more cumbersome. There doesn't seem to be any chance to copy the PDF in the preview view but it only works copying the file as attachment.

    Plus, with the new preview it seems even more complicated to view the PDF in an external pdf viewer. The new PDF preview does not really work for me as it is complicated to scroll through a note with several PDFs.

    Is there a trick to copy PDFs out of Evernote? I'm using tons of PDFs and thinking to find another solution as working with Evernote is so complicated.

    Any help is appreciated!!

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  17. On 20.7.2017 at 11:55 AM, Michael Goulding said:

    I often see this. I think it is when I go from using EN on my laptop and then going to being docked and looking on a big screen. I just drag the window off the top to 'restore' it and then maximise it again and all is back to normal.

    Edit, sorry just saw you're earlier post. Yes I agree and confirm the issue. It has been around for many months I believe.

    yes, small issue and easy to fix by minimize/maximize window but just wanted to mention it - as it is around a long time;)

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