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  1. Probably the best way is to use Evernote web version on evernote.com. Full screen is the best distraction free interface for evernote.
  2. Regarding the 6.13 final version / Mac. There is a bug in printing: It doesn't print Note titles Search box is toooo small (narrow) if you want to add a notebook to narrow the sarch results it fills the entire field and you can't see what do you search for. I don't know why the font of a notebook and the owner of the note in the Snippet view is sooo big? I like ohter changes, but especially printing bug is a pain
  3. Hello, for a longer time an alignment of shortcuts is somehow weird. Looks like my shortcuts had a good party the day before :-) Seriously it's not a matter of this release, but it's there for several past releases. Thanks for the fix. Vratislav ECC
  4. Is there any chance to sign-out of the existing Google drive integration?
  5. In the old iOS version and also in the new version are for a long long time the Czech letters not fixed in the notes titles and list items titles. And still no fix for that so far. Just embed also a "Latin Extended" for the font you use for note titles titles (as you do for the body font). Looks really ugly in local environment. I've submitted a ticktet (ticket# 830283) in the past, bud still nothing is happening See the screenshot. Vratislav
  6. Same problem here - on iPad mini and iPhone6S (both latest version of the app and iOS)
  7. I'm waiting for a long long time to get the Czech letters fixed in the presentation mode and still no fix for that so far. Just embed also a "Latin Extended" for the font you use for presentation mode titles (as you do for the body font). This feature cannot be presented to customers, looks like traditional failure with PowerPoint presentations with missing fonts :-( See the screenshot. Vratislav
  8. Hello Chuck, I have the 10.0.2 and followed your steps. Now notes are shown, but when I select a particular note I get a message "Unable to load Evernote" :-( Kremik
  9. Hello, I have the same problem. I have the latest version. I don't want to delete the entire app, because then it takes ages to sync all back to the phone (with my Evernote account size). Thanks.
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