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  1. Yes it appears that way. This is unfortunate because Penultimate wouldn't take that much work to make it really useful. I'm currently using Noteshelf since it syncs with Evernote. Noteshelf's features are great but I don't like it's organizational structure. You have to remember to designate a notebook for syncing when creating and whole notebooks sync as individual notes in Evernote.
  2. Yes, this is important to me as well. I can do with pdf expert or Noteshelf but would prefer to do with Penultimate so I don’t need the extra apps.
  3. When opening a google drive file from Evernote, I would like it to open in Google Drive rather than Safari.
  4. How do you switch Google Drive accounts? When I click on the Google Drive icon, it shows files from my personal Google Drive. Sometimes I would like to access files from my work Google Drive account.
  5. Yes, exact same behavior. Thanks for checking.
  6. It's treated as an image, you can't do anything with it.
  7. If I'm in Evernote viewing a note from Penultimate and I want to edit it, how do I jump to that note in Penultimate from Evernote on the iPad?
  8. This looks like an old thread, but I'd like to plug Momonote. It's got an iPhone, iPad, and web version, all sync with each other. You can change the dates on the entries if you want to make an entry several days after the fact. You can insert photos and tags. Good search functionality and easy to use.
  9. I am interested in EN business for my company but am concerned by the negative posts I am seeing. Is everyone still unhappy with EN business? I am also concerned with the difficulty in contacting EN. If I'm going to spend $3,000 per year on a product I like to be able to speak to a live person. I sent some questions to EN on their website (the only way I could find to contact them) over a week ago and have not received a reply yet.
  10. Can you email into a business notebook? Or only a personal notebook?
  11. I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't very clear in my question. I understand the concepts and principles of sharing notebooks. My question is in regards to the syncing of that business notebook. If a user joins a business notebook, am I correct in assuming that all the notes in the business notebook are synchronized to their local machine, ie. in their exb file? So, if we have a large business notebook(s), the data in that notebook is going to be taking up space on the hard drive of every computer owned by every employee who has joined that notebook?
  12. I am considering using EN for a corporate knowledgebase (although I am hesitant to consider Evernote for Business after seeing the problems people are having). Is a company wide notebook synced to everybody's individual machine? For example, when a project is complete, we would like to archive the associated files; spreadsheets, autocad drawings, etc. One way to do this is to embed them in an EN note. However, we really don't need them stored on each machine in the company. Could somebody please explain how this works and if there are any options?
  13. I use Evernote personally and considering using it on a corporate wide basis for my whole company. Would be 30 users. However I am concerned with the posts I am seeing about tags not using in the Business version. Can somebody please elaborate?
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