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  1. I Evernote added a feature for enabling one to set a Time / Due date on specific items on a complex TO DO list, I would be able to ditch my Task management software.
  2. Absolutely! I've been using Evernote for years, it has served me very well. However, I recently thought that it would be great if I could use Evernote for importing/exporting Mardown documents. Personally, I've got so much invested in Evernote that I can't just migrate to, say, Gitbook or Bear (which look great, BTW). I would much prefer if they added a feature to import/export Mardown documents. I would manage the revisions with Git on my own. It should be relatively simple, I suppose. Why not cater to this need? As to "how many people" are going to ask for Markdown well, obviously not that many, just those that code. Initially. Because Markdown is picking up quite a following... I guess it's fair to say we all appreciate the product very much. We wouldn't even waste our time here, if we didn't believe in it. It sucks to be ignored. Don't ignore us, Evernote!
  3. Once your Evernote document is bigger than one screen - iPad 2 -then, once you want to edit text and place the cursor somewhere in the document, Evernote will scroll up the page the instant you hit the keyboard. The text you're typing is no longer visible. The following proposed workarounds DO NOT work: - decoupling the keyboard - decoupling and splitting the keyboard This is terribly annoying. This renders the product useless. If I had not invested so much into Evernote, this would be the perfect reason for jumping ship. Fix this or I'll go to the competition.
  4. Does not solve for me. THIS IS A HUGE BUG! I've already moved some stuff to Google Docs. This doesn't seem to be an iPad/iOS bug, since I'm typing this on this forum with no keyboard problem whatsoever.
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