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  1. I Evernote added a feature for enabling one to set a Time / Due date on specific items on a complex TO DO list, I would be able to ditch my Task management software.
  2. Absolutely! I've been using Evernote for years, it has served me very well. However, I recently thought that it would be great if I could use Evernote for importing/exporting Mardown documents. Personally, I've got so much invested in Evernote that I can't just migrate to, say, Gitbook or Bear (which look great, BTW). I would much prefer if they added a feature to import/export Mardown documents. I would manage the revisions with Git on my own. It should be relatively simple, I suppose. Why not cater to this need? As to "how many people" are going to ask for Markdown well, obviously not
  3. Does not solve for me. THIS IS A HUGE BUG! I've already moved some stuff to Google Docs. This doesn't seem to be an iPad/iOS bug, since I'm typing this on this forum with no keyboard problem whatsoever.
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