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  1. The way to make it print properly is to select a page size before printing. It should then take care of the issue, albeit not perfectly - graphics will "spill" onto the next page if they reach the end of the page before it.
  2. Thanks for the responses. No, I don't mean that I use Evernote as a web browser. I'm talking about screen clipping - taking a "snapshot" of a web page, like SnagIt, etc. Also, I don't use Apple; I use PC. But thanks for your response. Thanks for your response, but I don't use Apple.
  3. This is my status. I cannot spell. You will learn to love me. 

  4. Handwriting notes in EN on Android Galaxy Note is a lousy experience due to latency and imprecision. In other words, the "handwriting feel" is terrible, especially when compared to OneNote and Samsung Notes.
  5. EN is in desperate need of a screen clipping feature that literally just snaps a picture of a web page - from absolute top down to absolute bottom (auto scroll). The image should be searchable. And I'm not talking about the current screen clipping feature - it's horrible because it doesn't capture most pages accurately or at all.
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