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  1. Evernote, will you ever wake up from your Sleeping Beauty sleep? This feature that you're currently not even sure will ever be implemented in Evernote at all, is one of the most basic methods for semantic structuring of text. What if someone even came up with a suggestion to implement a calendar in Evernote? How many years will it take to even consider discussing it? As for me, I'm tired of waiting. I'm slowly moving my data from Evernote to Notion which I find way more sexy and innovative and which of course provides header and subheader functionality for text, as well as unique database features and calendars (yes, multiple).
  2. Even though I run the risk of being off topic, I would like to mention Notion as a very powerful alternative.
  3. Nevertheless, one should not forget that Evernote just offers stacks as a grouping of notebooks. Stacks represent the simplest hierarchy possible, and Evernote offers this feature because it's simple and efficient. The problem, however, is that this simple hierarchy is no longer sufficient for a larger number of notebooks. So it's just a question of the sheer number of notebooks within a stack until the need for more order units (levels) arises. I've been using stacks to organize notebooks all the time so far. The process has proven to be very efficient for me. What started to be missing after a while was simply an extension of this system - by more levels. Stacks are nothing more than directories, and if stacks were stackable, I'd be happy and wouldn't care further about the name "stack" or "folder". This is not a question of principle, whether one prefers to work with keywords or with directory-like structures, but simply reflects the need for an extension of the existing system of stacks for notebooks.
  4. True, as I try to get used to the nested keyword system, I notice that multiple keywording can not only get quite complex, but also the search for content is not as satisfying as expected. After all, it's all about finding notes and related notes as quickly as possible.
  5. Wow, I haven't noticed yet that tags can be nested. So there actually is a hierarchical method for sorting notes and notebooks. Thanks for this hint! For me this means a little rethinking and changing habits, but maybe it's even smarter to nest keywords than folders. A note can have many keywords, but only exist in one folder, which means that I can use keywords to map as many - even very contrasting - aspects of a note as I want, while the same wouldn't be possible with folders.
  6. I agree that multiple assignment is a strength of the tag system, but for me, hierarchy is a more logical way to structure content in most cases. By the way, folders do not exclude the use of tags, so why not using both? Evernote has realized a minimal hierarchy by introducing stacks, but since these cannot be nested, they represent only one further structural level. I don't think i'm the only one with a preference for hierarchical structures, since Nimbus Note and also Dropbox Paper are providing a folder system. While Nimbus Note even offers both, folders and tags.
  7. As for Nimbus, the most important difference to Evernote is the way how they organize notes - Nimbus provides a classic folder structure, which, in my opinion, makes it much easier to organize and keep track of a very large number of notes.
  8. Headings are very basic elements for structuring text content. Dropbox Paper has been making use of these elements right from the beginning with simple H1 and H2. Evernote will probably never implement it. It's their decision. I have given up hope, you can't have everything.
  9. Yes, i would love to see this too! Dropbox Paper has this feature, but in Evernote, this has been requested and discussed in the Evernote forum since 5 years now - with the result that we still don't have headings. But i'm not giving up hope.
  10. Tables: No space for the cursor between two tables when copied When a table is copied beneath an existing one, there seems to be no way to insert content between the two tables afterwards. The cursor, when moved by arrow keys, jumps from the inside of the last cell of the first table directly into the first cell of second table. So no lines between the two tables can be created. BTW, this is also true for Windows version Prerelease. CORRECTION: The behavior described above is only the case as long as the note is open for editing. As soon as the note is closed and reopened again, the EV client has automatically inserted an empty line between the two tables. So, this is only a marginal issue, because it's only lasting as long as the note is edited. Same applies to the windows client.
  11. Just a note... Alternote for Mac, a nice, alternative client for Evernote provides headings. http://alternoteapp.com/ Cheers, Michael
  12. I'm having a problem with the default font size. When i set the default font size to Arial 14 in the preferences, new notes are formatted with Arial 11, when i set the default to Arial 18, it's Arial 14 for a new note. Arial 24 to Arial 18 and so on. Is that a known issue? macOS Sierra, Evernote Version 6.10 Beta 1
  13. But what about Dropbox Paper? Still beta, but headings are working nicely on all platforms. Sure, Dropbox Paper has a different editor, but at least it proves that it's not impossible to be implemented. I see no reason why it should be so complicated to insert a simple HTML tag into the HTML source code. When Evernote grabs the content of a website, you can see all the heading tags in the source code. You can edit the eported .enex file with a text editor and add heading tags by hand! So why should Evernote's editor not be able to do the same?
  14. Headings for Evernote notes!!! I can't understand why this basic feature is still not implemented! Notes are showing different font sizes on different operating systems - so one has to remember the custom format of headlines when editing on Windows and Mac. It would be totally easy to structure content of notes with headings h1, h2, h3... Why the hell is EN forcing us to do this with inline font sizes?? Dropbox Paper's editing tool works with headings from the very beginning - why is Evernote still refusing to provide the most basic formatting element in HTML?
  15. I noticed a strange behaviour of the word wrap for note titles that contain longer words in the Notebook Card View. While this may not look like a big problem, it would be anyway nice to have a consistantly woking word wrap for all titles of notes, since it's quite important to read as much of a note's title as possible in Card View. In the examples below, depending on the number of letters, the second word of the title is either completely hidden or correctly wrapped to the second line.To show the number of letters of each word, i have replaced letters with numbers (in other words, the numbers of each line represent the letters of two words): Word wrap of the note titles in Notebook Card View does work for these combinations: 12345 12345678901234567 12345 123456789012345678901 123456 123456789012345678901 1234567 123456789012345678901 12345678 123456789012345678901 123456789 123456789012345678901 1234567890 123456789012345678901 12345678 123456789012345678 Word wrap of the note titles in Notebook Card View does NOT work for these combinations: 12345 123456789012345678 12345 1234567890123456789 12345 12345678901234567890 123456 123456789012345678 123456 1234567890123456789 1234567 123456789012345678 These are only a few combinations, of course there are many more possible examples be found for each behaviour. Maybe the algorithm for word wrap of note titles should be reworked. Evernote Client for Windows Prerelease. Best regards, Michael EDIT: No problem with Mac Client 6.8 by the way!
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