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  1. The rating buttons are everywhere - clearly visible as a triangle followed by a number, on the left side of each thread and each answer.
  2. That's probably also the view of the Evernote development team, and that's exactly why for some users (among whom I count myself) Evernote is a dinosaur compared to modern Note Taking Apps, where semantic markup like that of modern websites is self-evident. The hierarchical structure of content using headlines is the basis of the web, and not just a structural tool for Word documents. Notes of Note Taking Apps are actually web pages, therefore based on HTML. To deliberately not treat them as such by avoiding headlines and rather relying on the arbitrary use of font sizes is a very idiosyncratic attitude of Evernote. Notion goes in a more forward-looking direction: it extends the familiar features of a Note Taking App and increasingly develops capabilities of a collaborative content management system.
  3. No, at least I don't know of any official forum. As far as I can see, at the moment there is only communication via Twitter. https://twitter.com/NotionHQ For information about development and what's coming up, go to the footer of their website, where you will find under "Products" the menu item "Whats new". https://www.notion.so
  4. Of course they will provide a web clipper for Firefox too. I think instead of indulging in demands, and stylizing the lack of any features as an exclusion criterion, it might be a good idea to look at the already very numerous and extraordinary features that Notion offers. It took me some time to understand the wide range of applications that Notion has to offer. Also, I think it should be taken into account that Notion Labs Inc, born in 2016, is still a young company. Evernote is a dinosaur in comparison - bound to an old (if not outdated) concept and accordingly cumbersome in terms of making necessary changes (that is probably the reason why this thread exists at all).
  5. Sorry, but that's simply not true. I have been able to import all files including images, PDF's, spreadsheets etc. with Notion's latest import functionality without problems. You just have to start Notion, click on "Import" at the bottom of the sidebar, select Evernote, grant permission for Evernote to accept connection with Notion and select the notebooks or stacks of notebooks you want to import.
  6. I think it's important to know that Notion works like a content management system (CMS), it works with blocks and pages. Blocks are content elements of all kinds. Pages contain blocks, each page can contain any number of subpages. As regards my own daily business - personally I love the calendar block, or the fact that each table block is actually a database (with some calculation functions), that even can be set in relation to other tables... Or the possiblity to embed all kinds of stuff - CodePen, Google Maps, Spotify... Or the code block, that comes with tons of formats...
  7. Since so many notes including files have to be uploaded in the background, this process can't go fast. Could it be that you haven't waited long enough?
  8. For those who do not already know why Notion is not for them, here's an article that explains pretty well how Notion actually works. It's from July 2018, and Notion has evolved in the meantime, but I think it conveys very well the basic principle of Notion. https://madewithlove.be/dont-notion-shine-when-shes-gone/
  9. Yes, I couldn't believe it at first that all my Evernote notebook stacks could be imported so easily. Notion is a powerful tool with amazing capabilities (calendar, databases...)
  10. I'm talking about importing Evernote data into Notion (including all files, images etc.)
  11. Referring to the title of this threat I just want to note that switching from Evernote to Notion is now just a matter of a few mouse clicks: https://www.notion.so/evernote
  12. You can still take that into consideration. 😄
  13. I was very much awake the whole time, patiently waiting for improvement that did not happen.
  14. Currently Notion's Web Clipper is only available für Chrome, but it will be also available for Firefox, Safari in the future... At the moment Evernote's web clipper is certainly more powerful, but I have no doubt that the guys at Notion are going to strongly improve that tool very soon. One has to consider that Notion's Web Clipper has been released only in january 2019.
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