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  1. Hey @PinkElephant - thanks for clarifying! Looks like, according to your count, I’ve got about 10 more times to “cop{y} and paste” the exact same thing (which, by the way, “t-h-i-n-g” is the only five-letter word that would appropriately fit into your usage of five asterisks 😎) — as I have yet to actually copy and paste anything. Sure, I’ve repeated some ideas, but in all actuality, and truly technically speaking — which is the issue here, the technical problems going on with EN — I have yet to copy/paste any previous comment(s). That being said, if what I have said in this or any previ
  2. Hey @PinkElephant - it's not about spamming the forum, nor is it about a "beta blocker." It is about putting trust into a company that is branding themselves as a trust-worthy company, paying for the premium tier of that application - and using it, I might add, rather happily and successfully since 2011 - only to have that same company that, by the way, suggests it's sole purpose is to help you remember everything, COMPLETELY FORGET how to handle their business. This new app is an absolute disgrace. I agree with @Angry in response to @Shane D. - re-submit the "old" (yet working and highly fu
  3. @PinkElephant my iPad Pro is running iOS 13.x - and, as I have previously stated, I had NONE of these problems with the past update. These issues are not related to my devices/workflows, they are related to Evernotes pathetic 10.x update that has broken the app and ecosystem in a big way. Offline notebooks are still not finishing their download...and so many more issues. Evernote - PLEASE (even if you have to do it under the guise of an “update”) RE-RELEASE THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF THE iOS APP!!!
  4. Exactly. I had ZERO issues syncing notes on the last version. The idea that it is an iOS issue is inaccurate at best. I did not update iOS, just Evernote. That is why many are asking Evernote to listen to their user base and put back out the previous version that actually worked. This is not a good look for EN - especially as many of us (myself included) are premium users, and paying for a non-working product is a no go.
  5. I agree...this is not a good look for Evernote. I am currently using the Microsoft - to - Evernote importer tool...going to give One Note a try over the weekend and see how it works. Import has been (thus far) absolutely seamless - an adjective that this most recent version of Evernote must have forgot during the planning sessions! Also excited to not have to use alternate app integration (penultimate) to be able to utilize the Apple Pencil on the iPad...OneNote is said to allow this natively. We shall see...
  6. The "new" EN for iOS (specifically iPad OS 13.x) is beyond disappointing - it's almost unusable! On my 9.7" iPad Pro EN has become less then acceptable. EVERNOTE, BRING BACK A LEGACY VERSION FOR DOWNGRADE or risk losing your clientele. I've been with EN as Premium since June 2011, and now, on a day that I don't have time to do it, I've got to figure out another option, and possibly move to another app (such as OneNote, or Keep). I use EN on: 2015 Apple MBP; iPhone 7; 9.7" iPad Pro; Custom Dell PowerEdge t7600 Win 10 Pro; Surface Pro 3. I have not updated my iPhone, and will not, until
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