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  1. ej8899 nice. my only issue is clicking on a notebook or note in list often takes many seconds to display the note list or note, but not always. I've uninstalled and reinstalled entirely and it didn't help. I think I tried reindexing before and that didn't help either.
  2. yes it is pretty much UNUSABLE for me also. i've uninstalled, reinstalled, blown away the entire folder between, done everything i can think of. my laptop has 32gb ram, m.2 drive (blazing fast) and a xeon processor. when i click on a note in the list, it take 10+ seconds for it to appear in the pane to view it. this is RIDICULOUS. if i could migrate my notes to google keep i would...
  3. just realized evernote doesn't support tab characters which is ludicrous. also seems the closest approximation is to use the indent/outdent icons without being in a list.
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