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  1. My goodness, if I could do this, I'd be happy-ish. I don't think this solves the iOS issue. Is there a tutorial on how to do this Holly? (on OS X?) Thanks.
  2. I'll be leaving. I relied on spelling corrections. Gone. I relied on embedded links in notes. Now i think I'm in Google Docs. Yes, that link I placed in the note and I clicked on -- I want to go there. I don't need a hover or buffer or whatever that function is supposed to be. i don't like it in Google Sheets. I don't like it in my Evernote. How many extra keystrokes and clicks need to happen in this new version? Too many. Notebooks or notes... why add the navigation complexities that appear now? AND you can go to the Legacy version if you don't mind that it's not goin
  3. I'd like to bump this request. I'd use the highlighted word count just about every day. Otherwise, I compose in Evernote, copy and paste to a Google doc to use their highlighted text word count feature for various tweets or sections of the text. I love Evernote and use it daily. I do not love that I can't get a highlighted word count. Thank you!
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