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  1. Keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link"

    Hilariously, NONE OF THE LINKS YOU POSTED WORK. Page not found Page not found Page not found Could you stop wasting people's time? I'm trying to get Evernote to allow me to copy and paste a link to another program that will then open within Evernote when I click it. I don't know how you think anything you posted helps me with that.
  2. Keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link"

    For the love of all that is holy, I can't believe you just wasted my time like this. This thread is about being able to paste Evernote links to outside programs that will open in the Evernote app when you click them, instead of opening the web browser.
  3. Keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link"

    To be clear, when I use the Copy Note Link that appears under my Note menu to paste to something external such as a word-processing document, it pastes as a weblink that starts with https://www.evernote.com/
  4. Keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link"

    The Copy Note Link is the standard internal link, not the classic link. Right-clicking the note in the note list gives the exact same menu.
  5. Keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link"

    As I said, neither of these options appear for me. NOTE MENU: FILE MENU: RIGHT-CLICK MENU: (none of the other-key options, such as clicking control or command, make any difference in the menu that pops up when I right-click)
  6. Keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link"

    I no longer see any way at all to obtain a Classic Note Link. There is neither a main menu option nor do any combination of keys such as pressing opt+control-click bring up an option for this. Evernote Version 6.13.3 (Direct) Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3
  7. I agree, although it was a little confusing looking at screenshots in a different language. What you're trying to do is perform a keyword search and then narrow it down to only those that are tagged with a specific tag. As you demonstrate, it's not possible. I tried a workaround of doing the reverse--selecting a particular tag from the All Notes field and then once these results were returned, going to the Search notes field to narrow it down to a specific keyword. Doesn't work. Once you type keywords into the search field, the tag you selected disappears and Evernote returns a list of all your notes containing that word or phrase, regardless of what tags you have on them.
  8. I agree. I have some very long notes that I both read and edit, and having to find my place again after navigating away is a pain.
  9. Reorganize notebooks and tags

    In case it's not clear what DTLow meant, you do a search for all the notes you want to give a particular tag to. Then hit Command + A and all these notes will be selected and the window of options he posted in the image above will appear. You can then complete any of the actions allowed in this window, included adding the same tag to all of them (in the bottom field).
  10. OMG - EN on MAC - Sucks vs PC - WHY?

    I agree that Search in Evernote for Mac is terrible. I don't get the syncing problem you experience, but the search results themselves are often mystifying. For example, I can type into the search box an exact phrase I use in the title or in the body of a note, and sometimes the note containing this appears way down in the search results. One would think it would appear at the top. I have taken to obsessively precise tagging of notes to try and find things through tag searches instead of keyword searches.
  11. As of now, Evernote on the Mac will only show me my tags that begin with the word "cat" when I type that in. It won’t show me the tags I've already created for "black cat" or "siamese cat", for example. (When adding tags to a note, not when searching.) I am sure people will suggest that I make all tags follow this type of format: cat black, cat siamese, etc. I have run into problems with longer words and phrases, especially when tagging a note on my phone. Longer tags don't appear in their entirety, so sometimes you can't tell what specific tag you are adding, only that it's one of your "cat" tags, so to speak. I think there must be some name for this kind of suggested-search behavior in computerese, but I have no idea what that is.
  12. Easy hyperlinking

    Instead of right-clicking, use the Command + K shortcut to bring up the link window. Having a dedicated link button won't save you any more work than that. You still have to select the text, paste in the link, and hit enter or click on an "insert" button.
  13. Search in Tags

    No web clipper de Safari no iOS ne? Dentro do aplicativo tem busca, mas na hora que quer salvar algo do Safari no cel, nao tem. E frustrante.
  14. Yes, we really need this. And no, dragging down doesn't work. It's really frustrating on a small screen not to have an easy way to make the keyboard go away. The iPad version has a 'hide keyboard' button under Shift. We need something like this for the iPhone version. Seems to me like on the iPhone they could put a button above the keyboard where the icons for camera, microphone, drawing, and attachment appear.
  15. I came here today to see if anyone had asked for this feature. If not, I was going to start a thread on it. Upvoted. While I thank people who gave workaround ideas, they are not as good as having sections within a note you can jump to through links. Separate notes, even with a TOC, are much more unwieldy, especially when it's a document you are constantly adding to. With separate notes, you then have to add each new note to the TOC and then add a back link to the TOC from the new note, so that you can quickly hop between the various "sections". I do this constantly, because it's currently the only way to achieve something close to what I want, but I would much rather have links to take me to different sections within a note. I've seen similar things on webpages. I think there must be a way to implement this in Evernote.